Wacky Wisdom Pty Ltd Releases New Innovative iPhone App

Wacky Wisdom Pty Ltd is an Australian well-being company aimed to develop products and services that promote productivity, happiness and well-being. The company was born on 14th March, 2011, and initiated by running local talks on quality of life and how to improve quality of life locally & globally. Their vision is to increase happiness and well-being in our local communities and extend this to the rest of the world to make universal quality of life a reality.

Cherrybrook, Australia, September 28, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Wacky Wisdom Party continues its objective of being a leading innovator in quality of life solutions with a focus on productivity, happiness and well-being, with its launch of Mobile Destination Alert (MDA) through the Apple iTunes Store on September 15, 2011. Using the iPhone’s location-based services technology, MDA has the ability to easily and accurately monitor your location and give you a heads-up by either a vibration (in silent mode) or music and vibration (normal mode) while you’re in-transit when you near your final destination. All you have to do is enter or select your destination at the beginning of your travel and then freely nap, read, talk, work, or fully engage in other activities until your receive your alert. MDA works in the iPhone’s background, while you use other apps, talk on the phone, or your iPhone is sitting idle.

MDA costs $1.99 to download and is designed for frequent travelers by public transit, train, bus, subway, car, or foot globally who aim to have a relaxing and carefree travel experience and not have to focus on their impending arrival at their destination. In addition, you can set and also adjust the distance from your destination to which you receive your alert, allowing time for packing up belongings and putting away items such as laptops.

MDA features:
· Global coverage with Google Maps
· Option to Bookmark frequent travel locations
· Option to adjust and set the distance to the destination for when you will receive your alert
· Is fully functional without 2G/3G mobile reception and when the phone is in use for a call
· Offers satellite view for an additional perspective

MDA is available at http://www.mdaapp.com

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