Rapper JJ Money Releases New Official Video: "All I Dream Is"

Toronto rapper JJ Money is keeping listeners in tune with the new video release of his latest single "All I Dream Is."

Toronto, Canada, September 28, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Street Dreams:

There are no nightmares bound in this dream. Following the release of his Time is Money hip-hop mixtape, JJ Money has managed to keep the dream alive. But most definitely he has not fallen asleep on his listeners with the official video release of his new single “All I Dream Is.” Creating a snapshot of what takes place when a hustler’s grind is matched by the lavish life, JJ shows love to the streets but does not hold out on the finer things that come from being at the height of his game. When the cash is steady flowing, he makes no mistake in noting: “It’s funny how I made money change everything. The way I look, the way I talk, where I travel and—where I sleep, the way I eat—extravagant.” Indeed it is evident, the video encompasses hood dreams turned reality— plush whips, expensive drinks and vibrant urban landscapes all in the heart of JJ’s home city Toronto.

Hailing from the streets of Rexdale makes him no stranger to hood clockworks. Coining his name from a credible reputation of hustling and moneymaking JJ’s dreams have gone beyond standard vision—elevating him to a level of lyrical artistry that is undeniable. Compared to the likes of rappers Rick Ross and Lex Luger according to Sway Magazine, JJ’s single “All I Dream Is” holds more than a catchy hook and hard hitting punch lines, the track is sure to gain a reining spot amongst some of the hottest requested hood anthems.

Steady Rising:

Having signed to G7 Records, JJ Money has made notable collaborations with artists such as Reema Major and Kwajo Cinqo—President/CEO and member of legendary Juno Award winning hip-hop group Ghetto Concept. Amongst a number of show-stopping performances, JJ’s opening act for Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller at the Incredibly Dope Tour has brought evidence to JJ’s inevitable stage presence as a performer and emcee in the competitive arena of hip-hop music. In addition to a highlighted interview on MUCH Music’s Rapcity show hosted by T-RexXx, listeners can anticipate no disappointments from JJ on his Time Is Money mixtape which includes an unstoppable track listing. Hits can be heard from the hood, to the club and back to the radio as JJ displays his versatility as a rapper on singles like “Swagga Kidz” featuring rappers Richie Payso and LP Da Original, and “She Freaky” featuring artist Dre Marone.

Time is Money is now available online: www.jjmoney.com.

Press: “Time is Money gives a mix of hard hitting beats, intense base, and of course JJ Money’s signature flow.” –Sway Magazine

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