New Book Chronicles One Pet’s Struggle with Epileptic Seizures

Seattle, WA, September 28, 2011 --( Up to four percent of all dogs suffer from epileptic seizures, making it the most common of all canine neurological diseases, according to the University of Missouri’s College of Veterinary Medicine. A new book chronicles one dog’s heartbreaking struggle with the condition and his battle to beat the disease, allowing him to live the last five years of his life seizure-free.

Cory’s Story: How One Dog Conquered Epilepsy is a personal account of how the bond between dog and owner helped beat the disease. Written by Cory’s owner, Sandra DeMers, the book details the evolution of Cory’s seizures and how his owners were able to control his epilepsy by altering his diet.

“To spread the word of his miraculous recovery, Cory asked his mom to tell the story of his life,” DeMers states on her website. “From January 2010 to August 2010, Sandy and Cory wrote an inspirational story full of amusing incidents, and even some surprising information. Shortly before the scheduled publishing date of the book in late September 2010, Cory passed away.”

Cory, a yellow Labrador retriever, was diagnosed with Epilepsy as a puppy. By the age of four, Cory was suffering at least one seizure a month, prompting his owners to seek solutions. When they learned the medication necessary to control the seizures would shorten his life, the DeMers sought alternative solutions. Through trial and error, the DeMers discovered a diet that halted the seizures altogether—information they share in the book in the hopes of helping others.

Cory died at 13.5 years old, an advanced age for a Labrador retriever in general. The DeMers share their book in the hopes of helping others who have dogs suffering from seizures. Epilepsy isn’t the only reason for canine seizures, DeMers is quick to point out. In fact, she lists five separate causes of seizures, including brain tumors. For this reason, it’s important to have dogs tested as soon as possible.

“There are diagnostic tests (MRI or CAT scans) that can determine if that is the problem,” DeMers points out. “However, only a very small percentage of dog seizures are caused by tumors or head injuries.”

The book details the heartbreak of watching helplessly as their beloved dog suffered a seizure, beginning with the first episode. Through their experience, the DeMers learned the dangers of commercial dog food and came up with a diet for Cory that ended the seizures. DeMers warns readers of the dangers of certain foods if ingested by dogs—chocolate, grapes, and mushrooms, to name only a few. She cautions that even light consumption of dangerous foods can lead to disastrous health results down the road.

Copies of Cory’s Story: How One Dog Conquered Epilepsy by Sandra DeMers are available at The book is available via instant download for $6.99, with a first chapter preview available on the website for free.

Cory's Story
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