Bioo Scientific and Jungwoo F&B to Collaborate to Improve Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Austin, TX, September 28, 2011 --( Bioo Scientific has been invited to be a guest of The University of Texas at Austin for the UT Gyeonggi Innovation Program which is being sponsored by Governor Kim Moon-Soo, of the Gyeonggi Province, Korea. The UT Gyeonggi Innovation Program is a 3-year program to promote entrepreneurship, identify promising technology start-up companies and introduce them to the United States market. The UT Gyeonggi Innovation Program is being operated through the Global Commercialization Group unit of the IC² Institute, which is part of The University of Texas at Austin. Their mission is to help establish foreign collaborations in science and biotechnology that create economic development opportunities for both Korean and US companies. Through this program, Bioo Scientific, a biotech company based in Austin, Texas, will work with Jungwoo F&B, an industrial automation leader in South Korea, to improve physicians’ ability to make diagnosis and treatment decisions for cancer patients by allowing more sensitive analysis of microRNAs and peptides in tumor samples.

Jungwoo F&B has developed the Image Oriented Navigation Laser Microdissection Device (ION LMD), which is a novel instrument for enhanced imaging and precise dissection of cells. Molecular pathologists can take advantage of this technology combination to provide superior laser dissection results. According to Donna Kidwell, the Global Program Manager for the IC² Institute, “Jungwoo F&B was selected in an innovation competition - our market research indicated that it was a novel approach to LMD and could be an enabling technology for molecular pathology. Our goal is to help such technologies commercialize successfully, and create strong international partnerships along the way.”

Bioo Scientific will work in conjunction with Jungwoo F&B to develop kits for the ION LMD system. Bioo Scientific has a line of NEXTflex™ Sequencing Kits that offers increased sensitivity, flexibility and speed for next-generation sequencing library preparation. Bioo Scientific also markets the MaxDiscovery™ kits for protein extraction and quantitation. Bioo Scientific will use their expertise in reagent development and manufacturing to introduce kits for global microRNA profiling and for protein extraction for mass spectroscopy-based peptide analysis of tumor samples. Dr Marianna Goldrick, who will be representing Bioo Scientific at Gyeonggi-UT Innovation Program Signing Ceremony, stated that “Bioo Scientific is enthusiastic about building a product line of kits designed to leverage the abilities of the ION Laser Microdissection Device developed by Jungwoo F&B. Their instrument provides significant technical advantages that will allow physicians and clinical researchers to bring the powerful technique of microdissection into routine use to improve diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases.”

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About JungWoo F&B
Founded in 1994, JungWoo F&B is a recognized industrial automation leader in Korea, offering various linear motor products for the country's largest companies. It offers various factory automation products for clients in semiconductor, consumer electronics, LCD, automotive manufacturing and ship-building industries. In 2003, the company entered the bio-mechanics business for the medical laboratory market and developed an ION LMD system which is utilized in cancer research. For further information, please visit

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