Ultimate Guidance: Christians with Pervasive Issues Published by Outskirts Press

Author Annie Brown asks Christians to look at the issues that stand between them and God and offers them the guidance and encouragement necessary to overcome them in order to approach eternity without the clutter of those unresolved conflicts.

Sylacauga, AL, September 29, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Author, licensed minister and social worker Annie Brown announced today the release of Christians with Pervasive Issues, published by Outskirts Press. Brown’s new personal growth guide shows Christians that each child of God can be delivered from the issues of life that ensnare them even when it no longer seems possible to break free of these bonds of addictive or habitual behavior.

Brown acknowledges that when a certain type of behavior has been following someone most of their life, it may no longer seem possible to end its stranglehold. It is easy to lose hope and to only see oneself as a victim. In compassionate, but no-nonsense language Brown demonstrates, though, that with genuine repentance and the right support, one can overcome anything.

When Brown asked her eight year old grandson one morning why he thought the disciples were unable to cast the demons out of some sinners, she received a bright, thought provoking answer that set the wheels in motion for this book. “The disciples were not on the ‘level’ they thought they were on,” answered the young boy with the innocent wisdom only a child can demonstrate.

She immediately recognized the inherent truth in his response and saw that it could very well apply to some contemporary Christians, too -- Christians with “pervasive issues.” From that personal epiphany Brown formed her three step program of personal healing: confession of the issue, admission that one is out of control with it, and acceptance of the need for the right counseling for it.

The right counseling consists of accepting the guidance of God, not the advice of a worldly and ungodly counselor.

Christians with pervasive issues can receive a promising ray of hope from this new guide that shows them how to heal their lives and to move closer to God.

Christians with Pervasive Issues is available on-line in paperback through Amazon and Barnes and Noble and at www.outskirtspress.com/bookstore for a maximum trade discount in quantities of ten or more.

Format: 6 x 9 paperback white ISBN: 978-1-4327-7576-6 SRP: $13.95
Kindle $ 9.99
Genre: Religion/Christian church/growth/self-help

About the author:

Annie Brown is the mother of four adult children and five grandchildren. She is a licensed minister and social worker. Annie works with the terminally ill, providing emotional support at the most critical time in an individual’s life. Annie desires that Christians work through their pervasive issues before the end of life so that the transition between death and eternity can be smooth and not cluttered with unresolved conflicts.

For more information or to contact the author, visit www.outskirtspress.com/christianswithpervasiveissues.

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