SEO Specialist Launches Search Engine Optimisation Review Tool

Many businesses would like to know how if their website is built in a search engine friendly manner. SEO Specialist's latest search engine optimisation review tool can help finding out exactly that, free of charge.

London, United Kingdom, September 28, 2011 --( SEO Specialist has learnt that many companies enjoy testing if their own website is built with search engines in mind.

In an attempt to satisfy potential customers will to learn more about their websites, SEO Specialist created a free SEO review tool.

How does the SEO review tool work?

In less than 30 seconds, this tool can determine if a website is built in a search engine friendly manner or not.

Simply put in the website URL and one relevant keyword to be found for and the search engine optimisation review tool will analyze the webpage.

What can be measured with the SEO review tool?

The website review tool has been made to quickly yet accurately give a report based on website titles, amount of indexed web pages, text volume, text relevancy, headings, meta descriptions and image text.

The innovative tool also gives comments about risky top level domains that should be avoided and web pages sharing an IP address with other websites.

The maximum score is 100 points. Each flaw gives deductions based on how large a negative effect it gives. For instance, a missing keyword in the webpage title results in a far bigger reduction than sharing the IP address with a few other websites.

About SEO Specialist:

SEO Specialist is a London based SEO company, specializing in search engine optimization, while offering additional pay per click and online marketing services.

SEO specialist offers many types of SEO solutions, such as SEO consultancy services, pay on results SEO, link building services, keyword research, foreign SEO and search engine friendly copywriting.

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Search Engine Optimisation Review Tool

Search Engine Optimisation Review Tool

SEO Specialist's new and innovative SEO review tool.