HDE Has Released “HDE Controller X”: a Mail Server Management Software with IPv6 Support

HDE, a leader of Linux server management software in Japan, today released HDE Controller X, a Web-based Linux Server Management Tool which supports IPv6 environment.

Tokyo, Japan, September 30, 2011 --(PR.com)-- HDE Controller is a mail server management software which provides tools for performing mail server configuration/management, creating mailing lists, and protecting your computer from spam, virus, and phishing mails. Since the beginning of its development by HDE in 1997, HDE Controller has been sold over 50,000 licenses within Japan.

“Although many enterprises are now using Open Source Software (OSS), such as postfix, qmail, and sendmail, to setup their mail servers, we often hear voice saying ‘it is too difficult to manage as users are not familiar with command operations,’ ‘too much trouble familiarizing with the latest mail trends such as IPv6 and sender authentication technologies,’ and ‘since many products are license-based, the cost of buying new licenses for new users has increased.’ The HDE Controller X interface has been awarded the Good Design Award in Japan. HDE Controller provides an easy-to-use user interface which allows inexperienced users who are not familiar with command line operations to be able to setup/manage mail servers and functions. Additionally, as a standard feature of the software for supporting protocol-level anti-virus scan for E-mails, we have integrated the F-Secure Anti-Virus Engine, highly valuated by a third-party evaluation agency for its high detection rate and low occurrence of false positives. Furthermore, although most mail security products are based on user licenses, as its unique characteristics, HDE Controller features a system license where no additional costs will be charged for adding new users. The product price is set at $298/year which is only a fraction of the cost required by similar products developed at other companies,” said Project Manager Yuya Yamamoto.

Moreover, HDE Controller X is also equipped with other useful features such as Web, DNS, and file server managements, and OS update. By using these additional functions, HDE Controller X can be used as a Linux server, or Internet server management software.

HDE Controller X:
Please visit the following URL for details on HDE Controller X. A 60-day trial demo is also available: http://www.hde-controller.com/

About HDE, Inc.:
HDE was founded in 1996 in Tokyo, Japan. HDE is a leading company of Linux server management software market in Japan which has developed and sold various advanced Linux software beginning with the company's flagship product "HDE Controller," which shipped over 50,000 licenses, to other software such as "HDE Mail Filter" used for mail filtering and "HDE Secure Mail" used for mail encryption.

All company and product names mentioned are registered trademarks to each of the companies and products respectively.

Contact for inquiries regarding this release

Yuya Yamamoto
HDE, Inc. Support & Service Division
E-mail: info@hde.co.jp Phone: +81-3-6415-3663

HDE, Inc.
Yuya Yamamoto