Vinci Consulting Corp Introduces the Release of VXNet, a BGP Alternative That Consolidates and Improves Data Traffic and Application Performance in WAN Environments

VXNet delivers more speed, more flexibility and more reliability at a reduced cost to existing solutions, empowering businesses to do more with less. VXNet is for those companies that are looking to improve performance and eliminate the need for BGP and its associated cost and resources, save on providers, increase bandwidth savings and enable multi-homing with on-demand IP and VM flexibility.

Long Beach, NY, September 30, 2011 --( VXNet replaces the need for dual WAN load balancer, bandwidth aggregator or router clustering solutions such as network appliances that use high latency NAT and other tricks to somehow bond or improve service. In addition, it enables IP address portability (even when changing providers or adding multihoming), IPv6 transition simplification, and IP address (host) mobility (including session persistence across mobility events), and countless other benefits.

VXNet is a Cisco-powered solution delivered by Vinci Consulting Corp. Vinci Consulting is a professional managed IT services leader that not only designs & builds 1st Class IP-based solutions but monitors, manages & services those systems so customers can concentrate on growing their business & not have to worry about managing the IT products, tools & services that enable them to get there.

Vinci Consulting Corp
David Watts