2011 Best New Marriage Counseling Author Caleb Bell Publishes Masterpiece "Strength to Love: Forgiveness, Acceptance and Rebirth in Becoming the Most Loveable You"

Las Vegas, NV, September 30, 2011 --(PR.com)-- 2011 Best New Marriage and Relationship Counseling Author Caleb Bell Publishes another ground-breaking title, "Strength to Love : Forgiveness, Acceptance and Rebirth in Becoming the Most Loveable You" in Print and Kindle (eBook) formats through Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble bookstores. Author Caleb Bell was awarded 2010 Break-Through Author after Publishing "Decoding Modern Love: A Powerful Journey of Understanding, Intimacy and Insight." Caleb Bell's innovative, signature and, at times, controversial writing serves to strike at the minds and hearts of his readers. "Strength to Love," similarly to his previous book "Decoding Modern Love," follows closely in the footsteps of Randy Pausch, author of the book "The Last Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" and Dr. Gary Chapman's acclaimed "The Five Love Languages." Author Caleb Bell is best known for his in-depth and analytical articles on marriage and relationship counseling.

Amazon.com/CS is the direct publisher for Caleb Bell’s book "Decoding Modern Love." Amazon.com will be providing a multitude of formats for readers to enjoy "Strength to Love" including physical print and Kindle (eBook) editions. The eBook edition will be in Amazon’s Kindle format for easy on-the-go reading via Amazon Kindle Reader. Also, for those without a Kindle Reader device, an eBook format will be available for the Kindle Reader Application available for Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Motorola Droid and RIM Blackberry devices (via respective App Stores). At Barns and Noble, physical print editions and eBook will be available for Barns and Noble's Nook Reader.

"Last year when we published Decoding Modern Love, it was a unknown, we didn't have any predispositions on how people and the market in general would respond. I have to admit, I had my reservations. mostly because many of my suggested ideas and concepts are so controversial, they defy traditional teachings on love and relationships. Some have openly rejected my concepts, not truly comprehending the material, afraid to admit the manual of life they have been following, has been wrong, or unhealthy, or has simply not been working. These people are what we call willfully unskilled, like an ostrich with it's head tucked in the ground, they think if they don't see the problem, the problem doesn’t exist. With the national divorce rate of marriages less than five years old at 67% and growing, America is deep within a ever-growing epidemic of unhealthy and abusive relationships; and the concept of marriage as we know it may be completely abandoned as a result. After Decoding Modern Love it was apparent that the next chapter of self-discovery for my readers, was a journey within themselves; a journey of learning how if they loved themselves better, differently, genuinely, they would automatically create and develop healthier relationships in their life. It's about starting at the start, and that start is you." - Caleb Bell

"After finishing Randy Pausch’s book ‘The Last Lecture’ and Dr. Gary Chapman’s ‘The Five Love Languages’ the way I thought about love and relationships changed forever. With Decoding Modern Love I wanted to create a book that bridged the gap between living a great life and building better relationships, both romantic and not, with the people in our lives. Decoding Modern Love accomplished this and much more, but still missed the mark when it came to working with our own self, our identities, heart, body and minds. And this is the place where Strength to Love was born." – Caleb Bell

"The initial feedback from Strength to Love is nothing short of amazing, and we cannot wait for the next couple months. There are already several book reviews that are supportive of my non-traditional approach, content and delivery. Once again, as we said when publishing Decoding Modern Love, at the end of the day we had no purpose other than producing a book that would help people better understand the most important thing in their lives; their relationships. And in the case of Strength to Love, the focus of research and discovery just happens to be, ourselves. It's amazing to me, so many people spend a lifetime inside every minute of every day for years upon years, all without really knowing who they really are, what's important to them and their perceived purpose in this world. Having recognition is continues to reinforce all the work I have done and will continue to do, what makes me happy; to help people. My book does just that, once again, in the most personal way possible." - Caleb Bell

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