Rabine Group Headquarters Begin Construction of Roofing Design Center

First Phase of the construction of the Rabine Academy Roofing Design Center is underway.

Schaumburg, IL, October 01, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Phase one of the construction of the Rabine Academy Roof Design Center has begun this month. In this phase, Roofing Solutions America will be roofing and waterproofing the roof at the Rabine Group Headquarters until November. This first phase will entail a new, white PVC roof and will be the foundation of the next two phases.

The second phase will be the installation of a 69kW solar panel system, which will cover the majority of the roof and will take place from November to December. The solar roof is expected to provide energy for 10% of the building. Finally, Roofing Solutions America will install an extensive, vegetative green roof, which will take place in the spring of 2012.

The Roofing Design Center will be a great tool to teach clients and the industry about the different roof systems that Roofing Solutions America offers and the design attributes of each system. An easy access walk path will allow observers to examine the various roof technologies offered. The Roofing Design Center will be a major component of the Rabine Academy as we continue to educate clients about the sustainable and traditional roofing options that are available within the roofing industry.

CEO of the Rabine Group, Gary Rabine, says, “Our goal at the Rabine Group continues to be to educate our clients on the most innovative, cost effective roofing and pavement construction and maintenance solutions. Our new Roofing Design Center is another example of our commitment to be a world class resource for local and national facilities mangers.”

The Rabine Academy is an educational endeavor offered through the Rabine Group to help us lead within the industries we service; while exhibiting our commitment to teach and educate consumers about the new innovations and technologies that continue to evolve within the roofing and paving industries. The Rabine Group facilitates seminars at the Rabine Academy Auditorium. The Rabine Academy will include two design centers to showcase products. The Pavement Design Center was constructed one year ago and displays 14 different types of pavement including asphalt overlays, UltraLot® Whitetopping, pervious concrete, porous asphalt, and decorative pavements. The Rabine Group looks forward to the Roofing Design Center being our second product showcase.

To find out more about green roofing, solar integration and sustainable benefits or learn more about the Rabine Group companies and services, visit http://www.RabineGroup.com or call 888 RABINE3 (888-722-4633).

About the Rabine Group:
With a firm commitment to delivering quality, innovation, and exceeding our clients’ expectations, the Rabine Group is a premiere service provider for paving, roofing, petroleum distribution and other construction needs. The Rabine Group companies include: Rabine Paving, Rabine Paving America, UltraLot, Pavement Solutions, Roofing Solutions America, R. Commercial Roofing Solutions, R.W. Roofing Solutions, Rabine Snow Pros, Pipe View, Palatine Oil Company, and Rabine Residential, as well as, the Black Hawk Run Golf Club, and the Rabine Group Foundation.

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