Endeavor Announces Active Initiative to Strategically Acquire Other Companies

Endeavor seeks to continue its rapid growth through the acquisition of companies that will enhance its service offerings.

Atlanta, GA, October 02, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Endeavor, the Truck Roll Company for carriers, service providers, systems integrators, VARs, and equipment manufacturers, today announced its active interest and intent in making strategic acquisitions of companies that will further diversify their service offerings. This marks the next milestone in Endeavor’s growth, which has reached unprecedented levels since its recapitalization with Trivest Partners last year.

In the eighteen months since the recapitalization event, Endeavor has expanded in a variety of ways in order to meet increasingly complex customer needs. Staff headcount has nearly doubled, including the hiring of several highly experienced senior managers and executives, which has bolstered the Endeavor management team. This has paved the way for numerous operations and process enhancements aimed at increasing customer service levels and improving the experience of Field Engineers (FEs).

In assessing potential acquisition targets, a major area of focus will involve companies with revenue that compliments Endeavor’s strategic plan. Endeavor is specifically interested in acquiring profitable revenue, infrastructure, leadership, and staff talent specialized in the following areas:

1. Subscribed Managed Services
2. Network Monitoring
3. Network Security/Performance Management
4. PCI Compliance Support
5. IT Equipment Maintenance
6. Security System Installation & Repair
7. Network, Digital Signage, and Point-of-Sale (POS) System Installation & Repair

Endeavor’s customers are the carriers, service providers, systems integrators, VARs, and manufacturers who provide equipment and solutions to end-user businesses within the U.S. and Canada. A key component of Endeavor’s business is channel integrity, and there is a strong preference to acquire companies who also target the channel versus selling directly to end-users. Although there is a slight preference for potential acquisitions to be located close to Endeavor’s Atlanta-based headquarters, the company is considering companies across the U.S. and Canada. While not a firm requirement, Endeavor is also very interested in maintaining the staff and leadership of acquired companies in order to continue to build its team.

“With the substantial organic growth Endeavor has experienced over the last year and a half, our acquisition efforts are appropriately timed,” says Justin R. McLain, Endeavor’s Chief Executive Officer. “Instead of resting on our laurels, we have decided to maintain the momentum, put available capital to good use, and further expand the solutions we are able to offer. This will also provide additional opportunities to staff and Field Engineers while increasing enterprise value for our investors.”

Interested parties should contact Endeavor Corporate Development via email at corpdev@endeavortelecom.com.

About Endeavor
Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Endeavor is The Truck Roll Company for carriers, service providers, systems integrators, VARs, and equipment manufacturers. Endeavor's private label wholesale professional services include: Field Services, such as inside wiring & equipment installation; Order Fulfillment Logistics - equipment configuration, staging, testing, and shipping; and Tier I & II operations and technical support. Endeavor's field organization consists of more than 9,000 highly trained and certified technicians throughout North America, including all of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean. For additional information, please visit Endeavor on the web at: http://www.endeavortelecom.com/.

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