Mechdyne Announces getReal3D for Unity, the First Commercial Software to Bring Game Engine Ease to VR

Marshalltown, IA, October 02, 2011 --( This week, Mechdyne announced the release of their newest product: getReal3D for Unity, a software plug-in to the Unity toolkit that brings 3D and viewer-based perspective to a wide variety of immersive 3D displays.

“getReal3D is a real breakthrough for deploying simulations in immersive environments,” says Matt Szymanski, Vice President of Products for Mechdyne’s Software Division. “It’s the first commercial software that offers the power of a widely popular and powerful gaming engine to the many developers in the commercial and research sectors who are already using VR.”

As a virtual reality solution, getReal3D brings a greater sense of immersion to Unity applications for training and simulations. By integrating with head and hand tracking devices, this exciting new software provides more intuitive interaction with data and models. Combined with large screen displays and viewer-centered perspective, users are able to walk in and around three-dimensional objects, extending the realism of a wide variety of situational simulations that require a perception of presence and life-size scale.

“We are very excited about Mechdyne’s getReal3D for Unity,” says Davey Jackson, Director of Simulation & Visualization at Unity Technologies. "Unity has already established itself as a major player in 3D content creation for video games, advertising, industrial design, medical simulation, serious games and military training. With getReal3D for Unity, Mechdyne is helping to bridge the gap between our award winning tools and the real world application of immersive 3D environments."

Drawing upon Mechdyne’s long history with hardware and software for immersive environments, getReal3D allows developers to focus on the content rather than the display platform. Its simple plug-in library manages all of the configuration information of the display system external of the application. A single executable is capable of running on many types of displays without the developer ever needing to know the specific details of the display system. The result is ease of support for any commercial immersive platform.

“This is just the beginning,” says Mechdyne’s Szymanski. “This release of getReal3D is only our first step in supporting immersive 3D displays with Unity. Our next version, which we expect to release in early 2012, will also support clusters of workstations. Soon you will be able to have serious gaming capabilities on any type of multi-projector display, as well as video walls and other ultra high resolution displays.”

Mechdyne’s getReal3D for Unity is now available worldwide. To learn more about how it can be utilized in your organization, visit our web page at,, or contact Mechdyne’s Software Division at,

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Press Contact: Mike Hancock, Vice President, Sales, Mechdyne Corporation