Award Winning Miami Artist Jonathan Brooks Releases Ebook on Etsy

Miami, FL, October 03, 2011 --( Award winning Miami Visual Artist/Photographer/Writer Jonathan Brooks releases his first ebook Happy Life Handbook: A Simple Guide to a Happier Life on The JDB ebook can be found in his Jonathan Brooks Visual Arts shop at

"I think it's perfect for anyone finding it hard to have high hopes at the moment or is struggling to get out of a mood due to the recession and this new economy," says Brooks. "They are simple messages that I try to remind myself of everyday."

The Happy Life Handbook is a rainbow colored collection of simple 2-word message suggestions that can help you lead a happier life. Eighty-four words, Forty-two periods, and an array of colors to brighten your day.

Tackle one a day, pick and choose the ones you like, only follow the ones you know may hit home, or study all of them everyday. Whatever your heart desires. Sometimes the answers are so simple that you can't see them in the hectic lives we live today.

Think of the writer as an art curator and the book an installation. Each page representing a different piece of art included in an exhibit. And the gallery can be visited whenever and for as long as you want.

You can go as far as to print out a page with a color and message each day as a work to inspire you. Just visit the collection whenever you need a lift or steer in the right direction. And don't worry if you mess up, you can always start again tomorrow.

The high-quality PDF book is delivered via email and the file is 5.2MB. You can use Adobe Reader or any program that reads PDF files to read it and/or print it. It also reads beautifully on an iPhone and/or iPad.

About Jonathan Brooks:
Jonathan Brooks is an award winning visual artist/photographer, whose work has been exhibited in Art Basel Miami, New York City, and the United Kingdom. His studies in graphic design and architecture, and extensive backgrounds in the fashion industry and music industry have helped to influence his work. The story and images detailing the renovation of his condo appeared nationally in the Fall 2000 issue of Venus magazine. He has numerous photography exhibitions to his credit and is currently working on his next. He also writes and photographs restaurant reviews and about local food events in Miami, Florida on

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About JDB ebooks:
JDB ebooks is a Miami-based ePublisher of fiction and non-fiction books in electronic PDF formatting.

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