Salem & Sons Bakery Gets Cooking with Coldstat Solution

New commercial ice maker helps keep production rolling.

Paramus, NJ, October 05, 2011 --( Since 1986, Salem & Sons Bakery on Palisades Avenue has been producing some of the area’s most sought-after baked goods from its gourmet ovens. But thanks to a little help from Bergen County’s Coldstat Refrigeration of Paramus, New Jersey, these "hot" items really get off to a cool start.

On average, Salem & Sons churns out about 100,000 individual baked goods in a typical day. With quantities this high, dough needs to be kept cool prior to its turn in the baking process. Therefore instead of putting water into the batter, ice is often added into the mixer to keep the dough at the proper temperature. The ice eventually melts and properly moistens the dough. Once mixed, there is about 20 minutes to roll out and cut the dough at the right temperature. This creates a narrow window in the production schedule.

Consistent temperature settings and ice production quantities are critical to maintaining the fast daily pace of this precise operation. With the stress placed on these machines to turn out such a high volume, quality equipment is a must. It also needs to be professionally installed to consider all possible ways to maximize efficiency. And with this much riding on the equipment each day, it should be maintained by a qualified service team with rapid response capabilities to address any output issues.

The old ice machine on premises was no longer producing ice. To keep up with the demand, the staff purchased bags of ice and used the insulated storage bin in the old machine to keep the bags cold. When this no longer became a practical solution, Salem & Sons called on Coldstat Refrigeration.

Coldstat techs determined the best solution for this specific application was the Cornelius Nordic CCM1448 Series Ice Maker. Capable of producing nearly 1,400 pounds of ice per day, the easy-access, antimicrobial protection unit integrates perfectly with the full production run.

“Coldstat was very knowledgeable and helped us find the exact right solution for our needs,” said Jack Matan, owner. “They also discovered a small Freon leak in our system, fixed it, and now we are producing ice every 15 minutes, as needed.”

“We are happy that our friends at Salem & Sons Bakery looked to Coldstat when they needed reliable equipment and servicing. We know that any time lost in baking production is money lost, so their priority was our priority. We helped keep their lines operating at capacity and their customers happy,” said Ion Sarkisian, President of Coldstat Refrigeration. “And they know they can count on us with any scheduled maintenance or immediate service needs.”

From ice machines to cold storage to display coolers to walk-in freezers across such varied industries as bakery and food services to medical applications to retail floral showcases, Coldstat Refrigeration has remained the regional expert at keeping various types of businesses up and running throughout the area.

Coldstat ensures EPA Certified, factory-trained technicians with fully mobile rapid response service teams on call 24/7 to provide timely, reliable service. For further information regarding Coldstat’s regional commercial refrigeration services or to schedule an on-site visit, call the main office at 201-599-1200 or email

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Mark Pappas