Metalogix Breaks SharePoint Migration Speed Barrier, Moving Over 500GB Per Day, for High Fidelity SharePoint Upgrades

New Product Releases Radically Increase the Speed of SharePoint Migrations and Upgrades by 1000% and Reduces the Time to Externalize SharePoint Content by Half.

Anaheim, CA, October 06, 2011 --( Metalogix Software, the trusted provider of content lifecycle management solutions for Microsoft® SharePoint®, Exchange® and Cloud platforms, today announced major new product releases to address the ever-increasing size of SharePoint farms since the launch of SharePoint 2010.

Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint 5.0 includes powerful performance enhancements to address the operational need for speed when moving, upgrading or migrating SharePoint, including multithreading technology. These performance enhancements provide radical gains in migration speeds, while simultaneously ensuring high fidelity movement and integrity of SharePoint environments. Additionally, the Company announced enhancements to Metalogix StoragePoint, with performance enhanced job timing automation that reduces Binary Large Objects (BLOB) externalization processing time up to 50%. Together, these innovative solutions empower a faster SharePoint migration, simplified SharePoint management as well as optimizing SharePoint storage both on-premises and in the cloud.

“More than 66% of enterprises have deployed SharePoint and half of those organizations classify it as a top-five business application,” said Brian Babineau, vice president, research and analyst services, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Organizations should assume that SharePoint will fall into the ‘mission-critical’ category, if they haven’t already accepted this reality, and that the optimization of the environment—from provisioning, security, data mobility, and storage—has to be thought of and addressed holistically. The latest releases from Metalogix for content lifecycle management deliver compelling value for the overall performance of SharePoint and provide this holistic approach necessary for improved management, migration and storage efficiency.”

Dramatically Faster SharePoint Migrations
Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint 5.0, available this week in beta for existing customers, speeds site migrations and upgrades from days to minutes non-disruptively. Early lab testing of the new architecture shows more than 1000% performance improvement by leveraging sophisticated multithreading techniques. Using multithreading, Migration Manager for SharePoint can split migration tasks over multiple operations and run them simultaneously for record migration performance. Metalogix Migration Manager, considered the de facto standard for SharePoint migration and upgrades, also offers enhanced incremental copy intelligence that enables it to skip seamlessly over settings and content that doesn’t need to be migrated.

The new feature is especially useful for SharePoint environments with multiple layers of sub-sites.

When combined with the new Metalogix StoragePoint v3 series release(s), Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint drastically improves SharePoint migration performance by extending the use of proprietary “shallow copy” technology—customers with the largest files see the most benefit since all of the data does not need to be copied in the migration, such as document libraries or list attachments. StoragePoint enables organizations to offload unstructured content BLOBs from SharePoint content databases into lower cost storage systems and reduce their SQL content databases size by 95%. StoragePoint 3.2 has been enhanced to include performance automation improvements that distribute workload across servers, increasing BLOB externalization speed by up to 50%. The new version also includes a new migration scenario that catalogs content before executing a migration job as well as an improved File Share Librarian feature that supports multiple mappings of file share content per site collection.

“We had close to 200GB of storage in a single SharePoint content database,” said Matt Adkins, Microsoft Systems Lead, Liberty University. “It was really complicating things when it came to backups. We needed to optimize our SharePoint storage to improve performance and data protection processes. StoragePoint enables Liberty to keep its unstructured BLOB content such as PDFs, JPEG images and Microsoft Word documents out of SharePoint’s content databases and offload them onto virtually any mix of SAN, NAS or Cloud Storage. Just a couple of hours after installation, the university began to see immediate ROI by enabling it to leverage more cost-effective storage without sacrificing performance, functionality or user experience.”

Office 365 and Hybrid Cloud Support
Additionally, Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint was the first SharePoint migration product to support remote connections to SharePoint. With the latest product update, customers now have a number of connection options to SharePoint servers. The supported source servers include SharePoint Portal Server 2003 (SPS), WSS 2, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS), WSS 3, SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Foundation 2010. In fact, Migration Manager for SharePoint is the only solution Microsoft has approved for installation in the Microsoft data centers for Office 365 dedicated or the Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS-D).This approval is for the Microsoft SharePoint Online Code Analysis Framework (MSOCAF) in Office 365.

Since Migration Manager for SharePoint can connect to SharePoint servers using the native web services and SharePoint 2010 client object model, Metalogix customers can also copy data back and forth between the cloud and on-premises – ideal for hybrid cloud SharePoint architectures. Operations can be scheduled and then run at any time to create a two-way sync option.

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