Deltapath Shares the Insights of "One Network, One Number, One System" for Futuristic Business Communications

Deltapath, a leading video and voice unified communications solutions provider, together with Transition Systems Thailand, a leading value-added IT distributor, joint Polycom Open Communications Solutions Seminar, “When Video and Voice Come Together,” to share experience of Polycom video and voice communication solutions. Mr. David Liu, CEO of Deltapath, was being invited as the keynote speaker to present the futuristic unified communications technologies for various industries.

San Jose, CA, October 12, 2011 --( "One Network, One Number, One System" that unites all business communication devices.

Traditionally, business communications devices such as phone system, internet access from your computer, video conferencing system are all standalones. Everyone has multiple phone numbers for office, home, mobile, or even pager. To start a video conference call, it requires special setup by IT. Working from home usually means you are forced to use your mobile number or home phone number to stay connected with business counterparts.

"Unified communications is available today! One network, one number, one system that unites all communication devices," said David Liu, CEO of Deltapath.

"Deltapath offers a unified communication solutions, the frSIP® UC Platform that fully integrates to the existing communication network of desktop telephone, mobile phones, voice mail, email, fax, and converges the Polycom video conferencing solutions with a single extension number, creating a truly unified business communications environment," Liu presented at the seminar.

Deltapath's unified communications solution assures:

A single converged network for video/voice/data.
User can be reached with a single extension number on any communication devices even there is no Internet access.
Every phone call can be a video call.
Free calls while on the road with Wifi / 3G data.

Video Call at Your Fingertip Anytime, Anywhere

Unified communications changes the way you communicate, makes you and your employees more productive and efficient in your day-to-day business activities. Easily start a video call with a colleague, have a question asked and answered in seconds rather than minutes by not having to walk over to their desk or another floor, exchange the usual hellos and short talk and then get to the task at hand.

Liu continued, "The future of communications will be all on video. Video communication is no longer a luxury but a necessity. The benefits of video communications are not just a number of hours saved and the significant reduction in travel costs but also the increase in building trust, improving group collaboration and increasing competitive advantage."

Unified Communications in Business Contact Centre

Many companies are pulling away from outsourced, purpose built call center facility, dedicated proprietary communication system and turning to unified communications to build a call center entity that is part of the enterprise in the same work space sharing the same system. The future contact centre will be video based. Customers can press a button to launch an app on its smartphone and be connected to a hotline and have a face-to-face video call with the agent. More personal, better communication, and higher customer satisfaction. "This is why you need to pick a solution that can grow with your business needs by being video ready," said Liu.

About Deltapath
Founded in 2001, Deltapath, headquartered in Hong Kong, is the pioneer innovator in pure Session Initiated Protocol based unified communication platform for enterprises. Deltapath's flagship product frSIP is a fully featured open standard UC platform that integrates video, voice, and desktop under one umbrella. Supported by Fortune 500 and Global 1000 customers, Deltapath has already deployed its products in 65 cities spanning across 25 countries.

PR contact:

Agbigail Liu