Dexter Industries Releases First Inertial Motion Unit for the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT

LEGO MINDSTORM’s first Inertial Motion Unit is an Accelerometer and Gyroscope all in one sensor.

Stafford, VA, October 12, 2011 --( Dexter Industries, a leader in LEGO MINDSTORMS sensors, announces the release of a new sensor for the LEGO MINDSTORMS system. Dexter Industries is releasing an Inertial Motion Unit, a sensor which measures rotation and acceleration of robots built with the LEGO MINDSTORMS system.

The sensor is both an accelerometer and gyroscope for the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT. The new sensor can measure acceleration, tilt, and rotaton on all 3 axes. With this sensor, users can now build LEGO robots that can balance, measure acceleration, and know which way is up. The dIMU’s accelerometer measures static and dynamic acceleration, up to 8 g’s on all three axes. The accelerometer measures on three different scales for improved accuracy: ±2g, ±4g, and ±8g.

The gyroscope sensor measures rate of rotation. The sensor can measure ±250, ±500, and ±2,000 degrees per second acceleration on three axes. The sensor has special filtering devices to filter noise and improve accuracy.

The dIMU is specifically geared towards middle-school and high-school STEM programs. In particular it will have educational applications in high school physics, math, and engineering.

Dexter Industries is a manufacturer of advanced sensors and peripherals for the Mindstorms NXT system. The company produces a wide range of sensors for education and hobbyists. Their offerings include solar power systems, a GPS guidance system, and pressure temperature sensors for the Mindstorms NXT system.

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