COMP Cams® Thumpr™ Cams for Small Block Chrysler Engines Debut

New retro-fit hydraulic roller cams deliver “Thumping” exhaust sound & enhanced power.

Memphis, TN, April 18, 2007 --( We all know COMP Cams® builds the best camshafts available for enthusiasts and racers looking for the ultimate in engine power and torque. Now, you can add “head turning” camshaft sound to that long list of benefits with the new COMP Cams® line of Thumpr™ Camshafts. With three different configurations available (Thumpr™, Mutha’ Thumpr™ and Big Mutha’ Thumpr™), the Thumpr™ Camshafts offer targeted horsepower and torque gains, and emit that highly desirable “high performance sound.”

The COMP Cams® Thumpr™ Camshafts were a special challenge for the COMP Cams® engineers who normally are focused on delivering the highest horsepower and torque figures attainable independent of engine sound. The Thumpr™ line delivers something different; exceptional high performance engine sound by developing the perfect combination of lobe separation angle and camshaft duration. Best of all, these camshafts, which fit 273-360cid
Chrysler engines built from 1964-1991 that were originally equipped with flat tappet valve trains, not only deliver excellent sound, but they don’t sacrifice drivability so now you can have your performance... and that great sound, too. For more information about the new line of COMP Cams® Chrysler Thumpr™ Camshafts or any other COMP Cams® products, call them at 1-888-999-0853, or visit them online at

Tammy Holland