Your Time Publishing, LLC Author Paulette Jones Donates Two of Her Titles for WYES Auction Action

Author Paulette Jones has donated "Herstory:Revelations," and "Girls' Day Out:The Adventure" to WYES Auction Action. Along with a signed copy of the titles, Ms. Jones will also perform a reading for the winning bidder.

New Orleans, LA, October 12, 2011 --( Auction Action is scheduled for October 12 and 13, 4pm-12am CST, on Cox channel 12, New Orleans.

Paulette Jones, was born and nurtured in the city of New Orleans, during the turbulent 1960’s where she attended the public school system. It wasn’t until she was an adult that she realized she had a gift of storytelling. After reading several novels written by African American authors, she had a desire to see if she could put her stories on paper. At the completion of her quest she had written her first novel HerStory: Revelations. Since the release of her first novel, she has penned a tween book Girls’ Day Out: The Adventure dedicated to her young nieces and all the girls she has mentored.


Seventy odd years after slavery a little girl is taken from her family, and delivered to a tyrant who lives near the bayous of the Mississippi river. Keeping his family traditions alive he presents his son with a gift; she is only four years old. After years in captivity, and living in that little room at the back of the house, one of her tormentors’ comes into her room where he brutally beats and savagely rapes her, yet she survives. After her physical wounds heal she is told she must leave. Not knowing anything about the outside world she wanders the woods until she comes across a little one room cabin that seems to have been left there, just for her. As time passes she finds herself sick and alone, and within a few months she gives birth to her daughter, Lillian. When the girl starts talking she names her mother, Mema. They finally leave the woods and after walking for several days find themselves in the city of New Orleans. While the move is good for Mema, Lillian’s misery follows her wherever she goes. Eventually, the abuse Mema suffered as a child causes her to have serious issues: anger, depression, trust, fear, and a general disconnection from the world. Mema passes these traits to her daughter who struggles to find her own way by learning from the past, living in the present and looking forward to the future.

Girls' Day Out: The Adventure

Three girls, class mates, best friends, “A” students and cousins, are ready for summer to begin. It had been a long, hard school year, but still they rose to the challenge and each received the most outstanding fourth grader award. They usually go to their respective grandmother’s house at the end of the school year but this year their aunties decide to reward them for their hard work and award winning school performance. They called it girls' day out. A phone call was made to the parents of each girl advising them of the plans they had made. They didn’t give much detail because they knew the girls’ curiosity would be relentless and they would bug everyone until they got their way. They wanted to know, they needed to know what and where this Girls' Day Out will take them. The suspense is overwhelming so they use all of the resources that they have to find out where they will be going. They ask their parents if they know anything, they go to the library and look in books, magazines and on maps; they use the computer and look for places near and far. Asia imagined that adventure would take them to Africa; Makayla thought perhaps they would go to Hawaii, while Natay envisioned a trip to the capital city of Washington, D.C. The girls laughed at their imaginations. The adventure as they call it turns out to be bigger, better and more usual then they could have even imagined. The lessons they learned this week are priceless.


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