Your Time Publishing's, Sherry Milam, Author of "The Red Feather" to Create The Sounds Of The Mardi Gras Indians

Author Sherry (Miss Led) Milam reached funding goals to finish the recording and publishing process for the audio version of "The Red Feather" featuring Big Chief Kevin Goodman and the Flaming Arrows.

New Orleans, LA, October 13, 2011 --( Ms. Milam started a kickstarter page to help create the project which is not so much a book on tape but a Mardi Gras Indian music CD with a story behind it.

The Red Feather is a cultural archive written as a children's book. A young boy embarks on a musical and magical adventure following a red feather and a man with a tambourine on a journey with New Orleans' own Mardi Gras Indians. The young boy meets each member of a Mardi Gras Indian tribe and in the end the history and the mystery is revealed.

The full experience of the Mardi Gras Indians is one of both sight and sound. It was written and illustrated using all the common songs and chants used by the Indians, and each page is an acrylic painting done in folk art style. Ms. Milam said, "This story must have the music!" She collaborated to record the story live with Big Chief Kevin Goodman and The Flaming Arrows Mardi Gras Indian Tribe. The funds she requested are to pay for the recording fee and bring this story to life. An audio version of this book will bring the full experience of The Mardi Gras Indians to children everywhere!

Many people have helped in the fight against slavery, Black, White, and Native American. The Native nations in the south during the early and mid 1800's were sovereign nations, slave masters were not allowed in their territories, so many slaves escaped and were adopted into these tribes. That is the history of the black Indian. The Mardi Gras Indians are a living celebration of that history as told by Big Chief Kevin.

She reached her goal over one week early. Congratulations and thanks to all who participated.

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