XMG’s “Powder Monkeys” is Ready for Battle

iOS mobile game “Powder Monkeys” combines exploration, battle and customization for a truly unique action-based, role-playing mobile game

Toronto, Canada, October 16, 2011 --(PR.com)-- XMG Studio, a leading developer of hit mobile video games, is taking the next step in addictive gaming on smartphones with it’s newest action and adventure game “Powder Monkeys.” The unique gameplay allows users to actively immerse themselves in the game by customizing their pirate ships, deciding on which adventure quests to master, which bizarre islands to conquer, and which hidden chests to plunder. The game is available for download at $0.99 in Apple’s App Store.

“Powder Monkeys combines all that’s good in a game: endless exploration, the adventure of a role-playing game and a battle mechanic that has a tower defense feel,” says Ray Sharma, founder and CEO of XMG Studio, “It will appeal to both casual and serious action/RPG gamers thanks to it’s simple and intuitive gameplay. Better top off your iPhone’s battery guys – this one’s dangerously addictive. Arrrrrr!”

In the world of “Powder Monkeys” man-kind has been rendered extinct by an unforgiving Ice Age. Amidst the thaw, two creatures evolved to take man’s place: Monkeys and Insects. Players sail the high seas to save monkey-kind from a hostile insect take-over.

Players start out the adventure as an eager but inexperienced monkey captain of a Navy ship with no gold, no reputation and only minimal knowledge of the great seas. To gain experience and resources the player will need to complete quests, plunder treasures and fight fierce bug-pirates, all while exploring an open world of seas and islands. The procedural level design delivers new quests, keeping the explorations eternally adventurous. Experience Points will let the fearless players who challenge and fight the bug-pirates to advance to higher levels, unlock new quests, and eventually challenge the insects’ nefarious captain: Fidel Mantis!

Resources found while exploring the high seas can be used to upgrade the player’s ships and cannons, readying the player for battle with meaner, stronger opponents. The in-game currencies “Monkey Coins” and “Golden Banana Coins” are used to buy bullets for the cannons and additional ship upgrades and power-ups.

While mastering a quest, the player uses a touch point on the screen to direct the ship around the map, avoiding or targeting enemy ships. Once a user sails their ship too close to an enemy, a battle will ensue. During the battle, the gamer simply selects which bullets (damaging or protective) they want to use by tapping on the bullet, and then place it in the cannon they want to fire it from. Competitive gamers will additionally be able to compare and list their accomplishments as well as unlock special achievements and awards using Game Center™ leaderboard and achievements.

About XMG Studio:
XMG Studio is an award-winning developer of hit video games for mobile devices. Founded in late 2009, XMG has been pushing the app envelope to create innovative titles that provide a cool experience for casual gamers. The company’s core focus is to develop properties that allow players to actively immerse themselves in our games. Whether it is the incredible customization feature in Drag Racer Pro Tuner, or the experimental touch mechanic in Cows vs. Aliens, XMG’s portfolio of mobile casual games all seek to drive the maximum in user engagement through innovation. Based in Toronto, Canada, XMG is presently one of the largest independent mobile game studios in the emerging app economy. For more information visit www.xmg.com, follow XMG on Twitter.com/xmgstudio or become a fan on facebook.com/xmgstudio

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