New Service Eliminates Computer Problems, an innovative computer management service for home computers, is launching a national campaign aimed at home computer owners. Contrary to online computer repair companies, TuneRite® provides the first pro-active computer service for home users where potential computer problems are avoided rather than fixed after the fact.

Bakersfield, CA, October 16, 2011 --( In many ways, computers can be compared to cars: if they are not maintained properly, multiple small problems can develop, which lead to big failures within the system. The recently launched online company,, has a solution to virtually eliminate these problems. Brian Lowry, CEO and founder of TechWorks Computer Solutions, LLC, the parent company of, stated, “TuneRite is the first service ever developed specifically to make computer life easier for home users. We don’t fix problems - we prevent them from happening in the first place."

Unlike “fix-up” software programs, which are only effective if the consumer installs it correctly and regularly updates it, TuneRite is a managed service, which means there is no task which must be completed by the user in order to reap the full benefits that TuneRite provides. Rather than waiting for computer problems to develop, then requiring the user to call a computer repair service for assistance, TuneRite’s automated service manages the home users’ computer around the clock, performing fixes, updates, and providing constant protection.

If the computer develops any issues, TuneRite’s automated system corrects the errors instantly, without disrupting the user. In this way, TuneRite manages the core factors that cause instability within computer systems. Because of this pro-active approach, TuneRite eliminates approximately 95% of the problems which would traditionally require a call to a computer repair company. The remaining 5% of problems that TuneRite cannot fix are related to poorly-written programs or failing hardware components.

TuneRite’s goal is to make using a computer simple and effortless. Lowry stated, “Imagine having a computer technician come to your house every day to make sure your computer is running its best – that is what the TuneRite service does for the home user. We remove the hassles of owning a computer.” Lowry concluded, “When consumers see the difference TuneRite makes, they will agree that professional management beats calling a geek any day, and they will be excited to tell their friends.”

TuneRite® Computer Service
Brian Lowry
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