M4001/4002 Board Only AB Switches Allow You to Design the Case, Pushbutton and LED Display

The Models 4001 and 4002 are board only switches with pushbutton and LED footprints that allow the sharing of 42 pins of a device among two other devices. Ideal for embedded applications.

Cranston, RI, October 16, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL), Cranston, RI, announces the new Pathway® Models 4001 and 4002 network A/B switches in board-only configurations. LED and pushbutton footprints allow users to supply the pushbuttons and LED’s of their choosing. Ideal for embedded applications.

The Models 4001 and 4002 2-position switches allow the sharing of 42 pins of a device among two other devices and can operate as stand alone switches or as a master (Model 4001) and slave (Model 4002) pair. The pushbutton for each board may be located locally or remotely to control the position of the switches. When the Models 4001 and 4002 are used as a pair, only one unit is allowed to be in the B position at any given time. When used as a standalone, a jumper must be installed in order to allow the unit to switch to the B position.

The units accept contact open/close signals from any external pushbutton switch to control the sharing function and supply output signals indicating whether the switch is in the A or B position. Board signals also drive the customer supplied LED display to indicate current position and power status. The Model 4001/4002 features remote control capability via Pin 50 of the 50-pin .1” x .1” interface for remote contact closure position monitoring. The units maintain their last set position on power loss and continue to pass data.

Electro Standards Laboratories
Jeannette Gouin