PREMIER Biosoft Delivers Sigma-Aldrich Version 2.0 of OligoArchitect™ Online

PREMIER Biosoft today announced the successful delivery of OligoArchitect™ Online v2.0 to Sigma-Aldrich.

Palo Alto, CA, October 22, 2011 --( PREMIER Biosoft, as a part of its contract software development services, has delivered OligoArchitect™ Online v2.0 to Sigma Life Science, the innovative biological products and services research business of Sigma-Aldrich. Sigma-Aldrich, with operations in over 40 countries, is a life science and high technology company. Its chemical and biochemical products are used in scientific research and as key components in high technology manufacturing.

OligoArchitect™ Online v2.0, which is a major enhancement over v1.0 delivered last year, will enable Sigma-Aldrich to offer advanced algorithms such as BLAST search, template structure search, and multiplexing to its customers.

“After working successfully with PREMIER Biosoft on v1.0 of OligoArchitect™ Online, we chose to use the company again to build v2.0. PREMIER’s expertise in real time oligo design helped us add desired functionality within a tight timeline. A job which would ordinarily have taken several months was delivered to us in a matter of weeks,” said Tom Russell, Product Manager at Sigma Life Science.

“After doing v1.0 of OligoArchitect™ Online, we were already in talks with Sigma mapping the blue print of the second version. Once the blue print was in place, we were ready to move forward efficiently,” said Kay Brown, President, PREMIER Biosoft.

About PREMIER Biosoft:
Founded in 1994, PREMIER Biosoft is a group of computer scientists and biologists dedicated to producing cutting edge intuitive software for research in life sciences. The goal of the company is to study the most recent innovations in life sciences and translate them into software products to aid research. Additional information about PREMIER Biosoft is available at:

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