Ultra-Compact Tunnel Creek Fanless PC by NORCO

NORCO, a global professional designer and manufacturer in the IPC field, today announced another Micro Client model BIS-6625, reliable 3G/4G wireless network solution for mission critical connected embedded device.

Shenzhen, China, October 22, 2011 --(PR.com)-- In mission critical applications, reliable wireless connectivity is needed for embedded devices. Fire trucks, for example, need consistent connectivity to respond in areas from suburban outskirts to urban metropolis with densely populated skyscrapers. Such emergency situations require dependable cellular connectivity and real time data to help increase relevance with a central point of control.

To address the need for real time voice, video, and increasing data over a wireless network, developers can look into the ultra compact fanless Intel E6XX Atom Tunnel Creek platform from NORCO, BIS-6625. Taking advantage of the open PCIexpress standard architecture, BIS6625 enables dual 3G connectivity to allow for cellular redundancy and a move pervasive network. Whether it be responding to an emergency call or streaming real time video surveillance wirelessly, BIS-6625 grants greater bandwidth, consistent connection for efficient mobility.

BIS6625 is a Micro Client, which continues to uphold the characteristics of compact structure, based on Intel tunnel creek platform, with a powerful logic of computing power, only 5.5W power consumption, offer SATA, SD and CF storage mode, HDMI display interface; customized expansion slot can be extended to enhance peripheral flexibility. BIS-6625 can be widely used in HD multimedia play, Digital signage, Set-Top Box, Health care, Finance, Education, etc.

Currently BIS6625 is ready to be shown on Intel M2M connectivity solution white paper, which proves the strong influence BIS-6625 plays on connectivity solution.

Key Features:

Ultra-compact for space-constrained applications
Low power consumption and fanless design
Supports SATA drive, SSD,SD and CF storage options
Triple internal mini-PCIE slot with 3G/4G HSPDA/GSM/FPGA support
Dual SIM slots for redundant connectivity
Dual Gigabit Ethernet port and WIFI support
VGA supports up to 1920*1080@50Hz
Supports full HD video hardware decoding
VESA mount ready for easy installation and mounting (100mm*100mm)
12V DC power, less than 100W power consumption

For more information, please email at: global@norco.com.cn

Shenzhen NORCO Intelligent Co,. Ltd
Ashley Chen