Monogram Food Solutions Selects O2 Food ERP Software by EVS

Monogram Food Solutions (MFS), one of the leading manufacturers of quality meat snacks has selected the O2 Food ERP software solution by EVS to provide them with next generation process manufacturing software designed specifically for today's food manufacturers.

Boulder, CO, October 24, 2011 --( Escape Velocity Systems, Inc. (EVS), a Boulder, Colorado based ERP innovation group is proud to announce today that Monogram Food Solutions (MFS), one of the leading manufacturers of quality meat snacks; including jerky, meat and cheese snacks, kippered beef sticks and pickled sausage has selected EVS to provide them with the next generation of process manufacturing software designed specifically for today's food manufacturers.

The O2 Food ERP software provides MFS with a food-specific manufacturing system that completely integrates with their existing Sage MAS 500 ERP solution. The long-term business strategy for MFS is one of combined organic growth and growth through acquisitions. According to Ben Bryant, Board Member and Principal IT Advisor at Monogram Food Solutions, “MFS has acquired three manufacturing facilities over the last five years, and consequently three distinct financial and process manufacturing software systems to blend in with the corporate headquarter systems. Faced with the challenges that multiple systems create, we embarked on an initiative to find a consolidated software solution.” Prior to selecting O2 Food ERP software, MFS used a combination of software systems as well as a great deal of manual processes and Excel spreadsheets.

In order to find the right solution for their food manufacturing business, MFS defined a common set of requirements and began evaluating software products and system integrators available that would best address their overall system needs. According to Todd Stricklen, Vice President of Finance and ERP Project Manager, “We received input from various professionals experienced with the evaluation, selection and implementation of ERP software systems of similar criteria to MFS. After a thorough review of the viable alternative vendors and software solutions, we ultimately selected O2 Food ERP software for Sage MAS 500 as the best enterprise software solution.”

The selection of O2 Food ERP will noticeably improve multiple aspects of business at MFS. While much of the hard dollar savings will require time to produce due to a need to develop good reliable historical data, certain benefits will be enjoyed immediately. “We expect to benefit greatly with the implementation of the process manufacturing functionality provided by O2 Food ERP software. We’re looking forward to gaining better inventory control, improving common processes and reporting across all facilities and departments, enhancing customer service and improving purchasing efficiencies,” adds Bryant. Implementing O2 Food ERP will help MFS achieve more detailed and accurate business information and will allow MFS to have better economic ordering and more efficient inventory levels.

It was important for MFS to find a business partner who could successfully implement the software based on their specific company needs. “EVS was recommended to our ERP software evaluation team by a local CPA who had successfully implemented a series of earlier versions of the Sage MAS line of software. Based on EVS’s industry experience, we are looking forward to having our project team work along side them during the implementation process and beyond,” remarks Stricklen.

About Monogram Food Solutions

Founded in 2004, Monogram Food Solutions (MFS) began operations when a group of Memphis investors purchased King Cotton and Circle B Brand foods from Sara Lee Corporation of Chicago. King Cotton and Circle B are among the leading brands in retail sales of hot dogs, corn dogs, sandwich meats, and smoked sausages in the Memphis and Mid-South area.

In May of 2006, MFS continued to expand with the acquisition of Trail’s Best Meat Snacks from Sara Lee Corporation. Trail’s Best is one of the nations largest manufacturers of quality meat snacks; including jerky, meat and cheese snacks, kippered beef sticks and pickled sausages. The process manufacturing facility is located in Chandler, Minnesota and the new division is named Monogram Meat Snacks.

About EVS

EVS was formed in 2001 to combine specific industry knowledge related to process manufacturing and warehouse distribution. EVS combines ERP implementations with cutting edge software development. Specialty industries include food and beverage, life sciences, chemicals, and metals. The company focus is to create tools that enable mid-market enterprises to achieve their goals, focusing on lean processes.

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