Handmade Ceramic Tiles Maker Ceramic Concepts: Tips for Hiring a Tile Maker

Ceramic Concepts is a studio for handmade custom ceramic tiles. They specialize in reproductions from the 20's and 30's (craftsman / Malibu tiles, Moroccan tiles or Moorish tiles, Spanish tiles and Arabesque tiles, as well as Modernist.) Color matching glazes and design services are available; recolor existing designs, make a reproduction or design your own. As a tile maker, Ceramic Concepts is uniquely qualified to give customers tips in finding the right tile provider/artisan.

Los Angeles, CA, October 23, 2011 --(PR.com)-- As the economy starts to pick up people will look for ways to remodel their houses, update their looks or by new homes and make it their own. Ceramic Concepts has been in business for over 18 years as a tile maker; bringing their insight to the customer on how to hire tile makers.

At the Ceramic Concepts studio they are makers of handmade custom ceramic tiles. They specialize in reproductions from the 20's and 30's (craftsman / Malibu tiles, Moroccan tiles or Moorish tiles, Spanish tiles and Arabesque tiles, as well as Modernist. Color matching glazes and design services are available; One can recolor existing designs, make a reproduction or create one's own design. The design murals, fountains, backsplashes, fireplaces, floor tiles insert, pools and kitchen counters and walls. Here one works directly with the artist/owner.

Here are some questions and answers to help customers find the right provider:

· What is the advice for a customer looking to hire a provider?

Make sure there is direct involvement with the producer, with no middle man. This will ensure better pricing for the product and more efficient service.

· As a customer, what should one know about this trade? Any inside secrets to share?

1. If customization is not an issue that is if one needs basic colors for the tiles go to a supplier like B&W in Gardena, Ca (or find out about a local tile dealer). Whereas if one needs color coordination and the desire is for more custom colors then come to a custom tile house like Ceramic Concepts.

2. Look around for ideas of what one desires to have done and figure out the color schemes. This is beneficial because when the customer comes to the studio it may get very overwhelming if one doesn't know what one wants in any way, shape or form.

3. During the tile ordering process if the customer is working on one's own without a contractor, make sure to order a few extra tiles in case of breakage or miscounting. This avoids having to come back and order more tiles as this does not benefit the customer or the tile maker.

· What questions should a consumer ask to hire the right service professional?

1. Find out about experience, if need be ask for references.

2. Get a price estimate for everything; there maybe color matching charge, artwork charge, and minimum order charge. All these can greatly change the bottom line of how much the work will cost.

3. Approve a sample before you have the production started. Make sure to approve all the colors and designs involved in the order before the supplier starts the custom order.

4. Clarify the delivery or production time. Usually the quote at Ceramic Concepts for the delivery time starts after the date of final approval before the start of the production. This is imperative so that all are on the same page. Otherwise, artwork alone can take weeks depending on the approval situation.

5. Finally, if the customer is crunched for time make sure to approve everything before leaving to go out of the country or out of town as this again can cause untold delays in trying to get the samples approved...or of course have someone approve the sample on the customer's behalf.

· What important information should buyers have thought through before seeking a tile maker out?

Basically one should have an idea of what the overall look. If interested in period pieces one should research the type of house and what type of decorative tiles were used, this should help with giving one an idea of what the overall look is.

Next, one should figure out by room what size tile and type of color scheme to shoot for; and if possible figure out if there are backsplashes or murals that should be coordinated in. If one has figured out the tile sizes (4x4 tiles) and types (bullnose, etc) that would fit nicely within each space it will make it easier for the artesian to give a quote.

Also at this time if it is possible to figure out how many types of decorative tiles (how many designs broken down per room) versus how many field tiles are needed for the whole project it could be helpful. If it is a big house (project) then some find it easier to just start room by room once the overall feel (theme) for the project has been set.

Ceramic Concepts offers a full range of tile design services and has an extensive recommendation list if needed. They work with interior designers, architects as well as directly with the customers. There is available an online portfolio with some pictures of installations.

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