FealGood Foundation, Singer-Songwriter Join Forces for Good on Crowdfunding Site, HelpersUnite.com

The FealGood Foundation teams up with singer-songwriter and crowdfunding site, HelpersUnite.com, to raise funds for 9/11 first responder cancer victims.

Nesconset, NY, October 25, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Ten years after 9/11, many first responders wake up each morning feeling the impact of that day with illnesses. Among others, these include cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and respiratory disease attributed as a direct result of performing rescue and recovery work in clouds of asbestos, mercury and other toxic chemicals by some studies.

To raise awareness, interest and funding for these first responders in need, New York-based FealGood Foundation works closely with these affected emergency personnel and their families. Together they educate the public about the catastrophic health effects stemming from 9/11 as well as to provide financial assistance and advocacy.

To expand their reach to new audiences, the foundation has created a profile on HelpersUnite.com, a recently launched crowdfunding platform. Their hope is to attract new donors through charitable and creative fundraising projects featured on the site.

Launched in September 2011, HelpersUnite connects artists, entrepreneurs and charitable organizations with supporters who are compelled to contribute time, talents and funding to help reach a common goal. The platform currently also features causes such as Wells Bring Hope, Burma Relief, Dreams for Kids and others.

“A Decade after the greatest tragedy of the Twenty First Century we yearn to cure Cancer,” says Jim Ryder, the FealGood Foundation’s Director of Political Affairs. “And as we strive every day for care and concern being brought to the Responders we know full well having HelpersUnite at our side is our blessing.”

The mission of the FealGood Foundation has attracted the notice of Tony Noe, a New York-based singer-songwriter, who is now helping to raise awareness of the difficulties facing first responders. Noe has posted a related project on HelpersUnite.com and is offering a free song download in exchange for donations. One hundred percent of the proceeds from Noe’s project will benefit the FealGood Foundation.

Noe selected HelpersUnite because of the platform’s unique ability to facilitate charitable giving through creative projects. The site also currently features creative fundraising projects for documentaries, demo recordings, theater and more. Between five and one hundred percent of the proceeds from each creative project benefit a charity of the artist’s choice.

“First responders are true patriots,” says Noe. “If five thousand people kicked in five dollars each, then that’s $25,000 we could raise together. That’s a glass of beer. It only works when everyone plays a part.”

“The HelpersUnite community is all about creativity with a conscience,” says Luan Cox, CEO and co-founder of HelpersUnite.com’s parent company GoodWorldCreations. “Our platform was created to connect worthy causes with creative, talented people who want to make a difference.”

GoodWorldCreations was founded in early 2011 and specializes in leveraging complex, state-of-the art web and social technology to help make the world a better place. Its flagship platform, HelpersUnite.com, is the first-ever platform to combine fundraising for creative and business ventures with charitable giving and online event ticketing. For more information, visit www.HelpersUnite.com.

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