New Children’s Hybrid Toy "HoodiePet™" to Launch for 2011 Holiday Season

Milwaukee Mompreneur launches new hybrid children's product HoodiePet(TM) for the holiday season. Both a toy and clothing, HoodiePet was the idea of Louise Kempe and her children, and the Kempe family has now made their dream a reality.

Milwaukee, WI, October 26, 2011 --( Milwaukee mompreneur Louise Kempe is debuting a new hybrid children’s product, HoodiePet,™ in both Milwaukee and nationwide for the 2011 holiday season. HoodiePet™ is both a toy and clothing. The hoodie is made with a soft polyester fleece and has an interchangeable plush toy, called a HoodiePet Friend,™ that attaches to the front pocket of the fleece. Children can use the HoodiePet Friend™ as a finger puppet as well as trade and collect different HoodiePet Friends™ in the collection. “What I like best about it is that my son can now take his favourite soft toy with him everywhere he goes,” says Alethea King, mother of 7 year old HoodiePet™ owner. Each pet in the HoodiePet™ collection has its own personality and biography featured online at There are currently eleven HoodiePet Friends™ to choose from in combination with six hoodie colors.

Inventor and mompreneur, Louise Kempe, states “The reactions my children and others have had to HoodiePet™ satisfied my notion that a hoodie with a soft toy attached is the perfect combination of comfort and fun.” Louise explains that her three children ranging from ages 2 – 8 have been very involved in the development of HoodiePet™ saying, “My children have been integral to the launch of the product acting as advisors, designers, testers and critics.”

HoodiePet™ will debut on October 26th at a launch event at The Discovery World in Milwaukee, WI. The first HoodiePet™ will go on sale in November at Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, WI and nationally via the HoodiePet™ website, Louise explains the vision behind the HoodiePet website. “The HoodiePet™ website is designed to be an imaginative dynamic child-friendly space where children can name their HoodiePet™, print adoption certificates and coloring pages, and learn about each animal on HoodiePet Island.™ The website will evolve and grow in sync with feedback from the children.”

HoodiePet™ is seeing preliminary media reaction, being featured by ( prior to the launch event. Milwaukee based child advocate Janine Sijan Rosina, owner of RD Image and RDI Stages, praises HoodiePet™ saying, “I love this product because the Hoodiepet Friend™ is defined by the child themselves. This allows them to identify with and use their own imagination to express themselves in their purest, truest form.”

Louise and her husband, Alexander, credit their three children with being the driving force behind taking HoodiePet™ from a dream to reality. Louise explains HoodiePet’s™ core principle, “Listen and learn from your children…make their wishes come true. That is how HoodiePet™ started and we will use that as the core value in our growth. Kids really do have some of the best ideas.”

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