Savant Records Announces Release of R. Page Kaufman's Newest CD, "Tropic of California"

Savant Records, Honolulu, Hawaii, a branch of Savant Books and Publications LLC announces the release of R. Page Kaufmans' contemporary trombone jazz CD, "Tropic of California."

Honolulu, HI, October 27, 2011 --( R. Page Kaufman's Musical CD companion to his book "Tropic of California" includes ten selections of contemporary trombone jazz from his prior CD entitled "Sunday Drive." This easy-listening recording features Rob Kaufman (R. Page Kaufman) on trombone, with Grant Gelssman, Eric Marienthal, Bobby Rodriguez, Bill Liston, Dave Carpenter, Bob Feldman, Domenic Genova, Ron Aston, Jon Ferraro, Bob Leatherbarrow and Luis Conte accompanying.

Contemporary writer, composer, trombonist and native Californian R. Page Kaufman was born raised and schooled in Los Angeles. Author of the multi-award-winning "Tropic of California: The Strains of Strauss" and numerous socio-political essays, he is particularly interested in interpersonal communication and love relationships. He currently lives in New Mexico, in his words, taking a well-earned break from the L. A. freeways.

"Jazz is one of the most universally effective means of communication I know," says Kaufman. "When I wrote my comic romance novel, 'Tropic of California: The Strains of Strauss,' it begged for a musical accompaniment, and 'Tropic of California' the CD is it." Kaufman's novel, published by Savant Books and Publications, is available as a softcover pocketbook from the Savant Bookstore,, (Japan), (India) and fine bookstores throughout the world. It is also available in Kindle eBook format on and in multiple-eBook formats at the Google eBookstore.

"Tropic of California" the CD. Artist: R. Page Kaufman (Rob Kaufman). 10 tracks on one 48 minute CD-R. Suggested retail price $16.95. Released in Sept 2011 by Savant Records (a division of Savant Books and Publications), Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

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