Drummer Rolls Out Innovations for Music Professionals, Novices and Fans

New York, NY, November 02, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Drummer Brian Doherty is rolling out a bundle of professional services and recorded music aimed at entertaining the fan, educating the amateur and serving the professional. Products include pre-recorded tracks for songwriters and producers, informative articles about the music business, in-session videos entitled “Watch and Learn”, and two new pop/rock albums. Many are free and available November 1st at briandoherty.net. See additional information below.

-- BDU (Brian Doherty University)
- Podcasts - Life on the road, gear, exclusive pictures, the real story behind the story.
- BusyBeat - This fusion of business and music offers practical, real-world information.
- Music & Mercenaries - A no holds barred look behind the scenes of Brian’s recordings and tours.
- Watch and Learn Video Series - Bass and drums up close. A rhythm section crash course.
-- Keep It Simple Series--Pre-recorded drum tracks 2-3 minutes long, ready to use instantly.
- Volumes - 1 and 2
- Combo Pack - Volumes 1 & 2 plus WAV files of both volumes.
- Free Downloads - Free downloads of exclusive KIS selections. Yours for the taking--royalty free.
- Distance Recording Service - You record your tracks over there, and then email them to Brian. He’ll record his drum tracks over here and send them back your way. Done!
- Original Music
-- Treated and Released - Nine original classic tunes written, sung and produced by Brian Doherty featuring Marshall Crenshaw, Mike Viola, Tony Maimone, Todd Novak and Robert Curiano.
-- The Delavegas - An EP by Brian Doherty and Steven Light. Three hook-laden tunes unearthed after 15 years sounding fresh and vibrant. Just enough to rope you in and leave you hanging.

About Brian Doherty

A veteran drummer, Brian Doherty is known for his versatile style, and work with bands like Grammy winners They Might Be Giants, British super group XTC, and The Silos (Rolling Stone Magazine’s Best Band in America). Doherty has also supplied beats to Ben Folds, Freedy Johnston, Twyla Tharp, Christy Thompson, M2M and Frank Black of The Pixies.

Read Brian’s complete biography, recording credits, blog; view exclusive pictures and more - briandoherty.net

Brian Doherty
briandrum@gmail dot com

Brian Doherty