Tempo Time-Tracking Joins Atlassian's OnDemand Solution to the Cloud

In a move sure to enhance Atlassian's new OnDemand cloud-based platform, the Tempo plugin development team has made it easy for software developers to start tracking their time –or to move existing tracking into the cloud.

Reykjavík, Iceland, November 02, 2011 --(PR.com)-- With the increasing number of applications and tools moving into the cloud, users are finding it easier than ever to access and comfortably use programs without having to install them locally. The latest software suite to recognize the advantages of working in the cloud, Atlassian, has recently brought its renowned set of software development offerings to the space, and a selection of quality plugins have joined in –and time-tracking tool Tempo is proud to be among them. A popular Atlassian add-on for effectively managing time and creating more efficient tracking, logging, and billing processes, Tempo has been continuously refined to address the precise needs of the development community and to offer exceptional ease-of-use.

With Tempo and Atlassian's OnDemand cloud suite, development teams can take advantage of some of the most powerful tools in modern software creation, allowing for more sensible agile development and far greater communication between teams. The suite and plugin move beyond their original incarnations to offer and encourage greater collaboration throughout an organization, as well, and enhance connectivity, making it simple to get things done remotely or when offices are separated by even the lengthiest distance. The same user-friendly interface principles Tempo users have always enjoyed have accompanied the plugin into the cloud, allowing for the creation of beautiful timesheets, clear billing statements, and meaningful resource planning without the need for extensive training or orientation.

Tempo's full integration with Atlassian OnDemand provides users with a comfortable and effective environment that manages time with a minimum of effort. Already the time-tracking tool of choice for over one thousand organizations spread throughout forty nations, Tempo has proven to be an invaluable tool as a piece of local software. By moving into the cloud, the tool promises to become even more useful for today's successful development teams. Tempo is proud to be a part of Atlassian's cloud service launch, and is one of the first plugins to join the suite's a la carte application feature. Users can quickly and easily activate Tempo by navigating to their administration panels and clicking “Enable Tempo.” The free 30-day trial of Tempo's impressive tracking capabilities will then begin, allowing team leaders and project managers to experience first-hand how powerful a strong grasp of company time can truly be.

With countless opportunities for optimization throughout an organization's development and administrative processes, Tempo earned many fans during its tenure as a plugin for Atlassian's classic desktop studio. Through migrating to the cloud, the plugin is sure to contribute to even greater time-tracking accomplishments achieved with even greater convenience.

About Tempo
Currently in its sixth major version release, the Tempo plugin (http://www.tempoplugin.com/) is developed by TM Software (http://www.tmsoftware.is/) and focuses on helping users intelligently keep track of time. Central features such as timesheet creation and approval, project management, and clear customer billing have attracted a significant following throughout the development community and beyond.

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