Farview Recording Announces Release of Rock Drums 5 Sample Collection for Drumagog

Latest sample collection that takes advantage of the exciting new features in Drumagog 5.

Chicago, IL, November 03, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Farview Recording proudly announces the release of its newest collection of drum samples, which made Farview Recording famous: Rock Drums for Drumagog.

Farview Recording, the originator of Rock Drums, and one of Drumagog’s leading producers of sample collections, has built an all-new package of superior samples, made specifically to take full advantage of Drumagog 5’s newest features.

Rock Drums 5 offers up to three additional mic sets for each drum sample, allowing you to shape the sound, creating a far more realistic percussion experience for your project.

- Kick samples include a sub-mic on fader, which allows you to add a warm, round bottom ambience, if you choose, as well as a stereo overhead PLUS room mics to add both depth and character.

- Snare samples offer a bottom mic on fader, so you can literally “dial in” just the right amount of snap for the unique qualities of the production on which you are working.

Rock Drums 5 also includes Drumagog 4 compatible samples, allowing you the freedom to choose either version of Drumagog that you elect to work with, while enjoying the same superior quality of Rock Drums 5.

Your Rock Drums 5 sample collection proudly offers:

- 24 Kicks
- 24 Snares
- 8 Toms

And because Rock Drums 5 was recorded and processed at Farview Recording by master engineer and architect of all Rock Drums sample collections, Jason Walsh, you are certain to be overjoyed with exceptional quality at your fingertips.

Years ago, Farview Recording set the bar for drum samples that others have strived to duplicate. Many drum sample collections have attempted to imitate Farview Recording’s processes and techniques. And although “imitation is the best form of flattery,” rest assured, your Rock Drums 5 sample collection is a 100% authentic Farview Recording product.

Because you and your project deserve only the very best.

Jay Walsh@farviewrecording .com

Farview Recording
Jason Walsh