Long Beach Solar Company Launches Local Advertising Campaign

Ameco Solar Helping Local Residents Finance Residential Solar Electric Systems

Long Beach, CA, November 03, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Local Long Beach Solar installation company Ameco Solar announces the launch of a new Residential Solar campaign that hits television channels across your neighborhood this month, and will run until Spring 2012. The "DontBlowYourCash" ad campaign focuses on communicating the high cost of renting your power versus the low cost alternative: Solar for your home.

“With this message, we’re reminding people how much they spend on renting electricity; and showing them how to go solar for little to no money out of their pockets.” Ameco Solar owner Pat Redgate said.

In Paramount, where the company is based, Ameco Solar is one of the very few elite solar companies that have been continuously providing solar energy for Californians since 1974. They install solar photovoltaic systems, solar hot water systems and embrace new technologies like hybrid solar systems.

The “DontBlowYourCash” campaign currently running emphasizes how much money a homeowner blows on energy bills, and how going solar doesn’t have to cost any money out of your pocket. To stop blowing your money renting energy from your utility, visit their website: http://dontblowyourcash.com

“We’re hoping people realize that they have an energy choice: they can install solar power and start saving immediately, or they can keep blowing thousands of dollars renting their energy,” said Ameco Solar President Pat Redgate. “We really want to make people think about the money they spend on energy, and the choices they make about energy, and ultimately help them understand solar energy is the best investment they can make…for decades to come."

About Ameco Solar
Since 1974 Ameco has been dedicated to the concept that solar energy is the solution to our energy future. Solar energy is unlimited, non-polluting and free. We are committed to providing cost-effective and reliable solar systems and strive to offer the best components available. We believe that using solar energy is simply the best investment available to homeowners or businesses today, since the alternative to solar is just a never-ending monthly expense. Extensive Solar information can be found on their website: www.AmecoSolar.com.

Ameco Solar
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