Author Cheri Carter Announces Her New Book, The Misfitz! That Helps Kids Cope with Not Fitting in with Humor and Stories

Author Cheri Carter is pleased to announce the release of her new book, The Misfitz! "The Misfitz" is a children's book of humorous poems and playful illustrations.

Seattle, WA, November 04, 2011 --( New Book, The Misfitz! Helps Kids Cope with Not Fitting in with Humor and Stories.

Meet the Misfitz! Some are odd, some mischievous, some lovable and some are just down-right unlucky. However you see them, these likable characters take the reader on a journey back to childhood filled with humor, wonder, mischief and even young love through their innocent eyes, inquisitive minds and endearing hearts.

"The Misfitz" is a children's book of humorous poems and playful illustrations created by new author/artist, Cheri Carter. Throughout the book the reader will meet aspiring pirates, writers, thespians and rockstars, as well as budding superheroes, philosophers, artists, daredevils and athletes. The reader will also meet a time traveler, a sympathetic evil queen, an imaginary friend who just happens to be half dragon, half butterfly, half tiger and half boar and many, many, many more.

Whether their drama is sibling rivalry, the woes of young love or the embarrassing reality of unpopularity, each character celebrates their own uniqueness in a way that reminds us all to be ourselves, laugh everything off and above all... that the coolest kids are the ones who Don't always fit in.

Book Information:
The Misfitz: A Book of Poems
Author: Cheri Carter
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 978-1-4567-5891-2
Pages: 108
Published: August 2011

About The Author
New author/artist Cheri Carter was born on New Year's Day, 1980 in Portland, Oregon. Growing up in the Northwest meant plenty of rainy days spent indoors reading, writing and drawing. Aside from her love for art and books, she is a self-described facts and trivia addict who also enjoys music, chess, painting, photography and being a mom. Hard at work on her second book, Cheri Carter currently lives with her daughter in Washington state.

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