Research for Novel Uncovers Many Unsung WWII Heroines

New website dedicated to the inspiring tales of the unsung heroines of WWII.

Los Angeles, CA, November 06, 2011 --( A spy that commanded a unit of 7,000 French Resistance fighters into battle against 22,000 seasoned German soldiers and crushed them. A social worker in Poland that personally smuggled 2,500 Jewish children out of Nazi control in her tool bags. A spy that made it to #1 on the Gestapo's most wanted list for helping hundreds of downed British pilots escape Nazi controlled France!

What do all these WWII heroes have in common? They're all women!

While doing research for his upcoming novel, Ronald Russell discovered hidden tales of heroism. Women that served in the trenches and made major contributions to defeating the Axis powers.

His novel, Don Carina, is inspired by a real life woman who took over her mafia don husband's organization in Naples during WWII and helped more than 100 Jews escape Italy and Nazi persecution.

"I was flabbergasted by some of the exploits of these courageous women. Incredible stories! I wanted to build a tribute to these amazing WWII heroines on my website," Russell said. "I've read quite a bit about WWII but I'd never heard of these true life women heroes."

The site includes a "dossier" of each woman's background, WWII missions, aliases, accomplishments, and military honors. Click the "WWII Heroines" link.

Currently the site covers the perilous tales of seven women, but another one is added each month. Those currently included are:

* Nancy Wake - Headed up an organization that helped downed British pilots escape from France to England, earning her a $5 million Franc bounty from the Gestapo. Later, she headed up a 7,000 man French Resistance Organization that battled 22,000 seasoned German soldiers and kicked the stuffing out of them, leading her to become the most decorated woman of WWII.

* Irena Sendler - A Polish social worker who took it upon herself to rescue 2,500 Jewish children out of the Warsaw, Poland ghetto in her tool bags, saving them from certain execution in Nazi death camps.

* Virginia Hall - The German Gestapo named her "most dangerous Allied spy of World War 2," all after losing a leg just before the war. Her missions included sabotage, radio operator and courier, locating drop zones for the RAF, training Resistance soldiers, and disrupting the German military during D-Day.

* Claire Phillips - American dancer caught in Manila, Philippines when the Japanese invaded. She earned enough money to open a nightclub, quickly becoming the most popular in Manila, for the sole purpose of extracting secrets from her Japanese officer clients.

* Eileen Nearne - Parachuted into Nazi occupied France by the British SOE as a radio operator and courier.

* Virginia d’Albert-Lake (Roush) - For years, ran an operation that helped downed Allied pilots in France return to England. Captured by Nazi's and tortured but never revealed her accomplices.

"I think people will be astounded by the accomplishments and exploits of these courageous women," Russell concluded. "I want people to read about them as their stories will amaze and inspire."

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