November 1st Marks the Unofficial Start of Weight Gain Season - the Average Person Gains 6-15 Pounds from Halloween to the New Year's

Personal Trainer Julie Sawyer warns others about upcoming holiday weight gain with a plan to help those concerned get "Fit NOT fat."

Charlotte, NC, November 07, 2011 --( Halloween is over, and with that, the holiday weight gain season has begun. The average American adult will gain a staggering 6 to 15 pounds from now until the January 1st. (Nutrition Review, December 2000)

With all the leftover candy from Halloween to the Thanksgiving feasts, Christmas parties, and New Year’s Eve celebrations, the social pressure to stop working out and just eat– and keep eating– is too much for most people to handle.

“It is scary to see what people do to their bodies during the holiday season,” states Julie Sawyer. Sawyer is the owner of Tuff Girl Bootcamps, a member of the Fitness Revolution franchise, a fitness boot camp and personal training organization dedicated to getting people results. Julie has helped handfuls of women lose weight quickly and effectively with her Drop a Dress Size program in south Charlotte.

In an effort to help people avoid the typical holiday weight gain, Fitness Revolution locations nationwide are given the opportunity to participate in the “Fit NOT Fat” campaign.

Julie is a firm believer in getting ahead of holiday weight gain and taking the steps needed to avoid it. “The simple ‘Fit NOT Fat’ program at Tuff Girl Bootcamps guarantees that you can even lose weight this season and get jump start on your New Year resolution.”

During the months of November and December anyone will be able to afford to get themselves in shape during the holidays. Tuff Girl Bootcamps is offering a $49 boot camp or a $149 personal training membership to their facility during the holiday season.

“Workouts at Tuff Girl Bootcamps are both challenging and rewarding. Programs are designed to burn a ton of calories and keep you burning them even when you are at rest. The real key to fat loss during this time of year is getting a big bang for your buck during your workouts,” said Sawyer.

“If you can find the right combination of strength training and conditioning, you can turn your body into a fat burning machine.”

The “Fit NOT Fat” membership is available to anyone from November 1st – December 24th. This membership is a 4 week membership that will have you training up to 3 days per week to ensure you get the most from your time spent at the gym.

“It is our goal to have the people of Charlotte losing 7-10 lbs from now until New Year’s Day! We aren’t average.”

To find out more information about Tuff Girl Bootcamps or to sign up for the “Fit NOT Fat” program, contact owner Julie Sawyer at 803-984-0714.

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