Marketing in 2007: Fewer Homeowners Opening the Yellow Pages

Chapel Hill, NC, April 24, 2007 --( There is now an easy, effective and inexpensive way for contractors to tap into the growing market of homeowners who look for help via the internet.

Home improvement and service professionals are competing for customers in an aggressive market. Skilled tradesman have traditionally relied on word of mouth, the phone book, going door to door, and placing signs in yards in order to attract new customers. But times have changed. In 2007, it is not uncommon for neighbors not to know each other and for people to rightly be suspicious if someone comes to their front door unannounced.

For more than a decade, daters, job seekers and buyers have turned to the Internet to find what they are looking for. In recognizing this trend, Chuck Solomon, a contractor himself, established Searching the Internet is a convenient and non-threatening way for homeowners to look for qualified and local home improvement professionals. is a tool designed to meet the unique needs of both home improvement professionals and homeowners.

Solomon states, “It is hard for independent contractors, trades people and other home service professionals to compete against larger companies. Not only do their marketing budgets differ so greatly but independent and small companies don’t have time to solicit new business, putting all their energy into finishing projects in a timely and professional manner.” levels the playing field. Once registered, professionals they are offered the same opportunities and access to local customers, and most importantly, at the same cost.

What is the attraction for homeowners? provides database access to homeowners at not cost so they can search for qualified professionals in their area. provides profiles, reviews, and contact information of contractors who have subscribed to the service. “In creating this company, it was important that the service is a resource that is easy to use and effective across the board,” explained Solomon. Home improvement professionals must embrace technology in order to expand their customer-base. Solomon concludes, “It is our goal to create the most comprehensive database serving this market and to help home improvement professionals succeed in their craft.”

Chuck Solomon