Rabine Group Hosts Business Regulation Roundtable

The Rabine Group Academy hosted an informative business roundtable meeting in the Rabine Academy Auditorium at their headquarters in Schaumburg.

Schaumburg, IL, November 11, 2011 --(PR.com)-- An informative business roundtable meeting was held at the Rabine Group Academy’s Auditorium last month. Small business people of the Chicagoland area gathered to discuss how government regulations are preventing and taking away jobs and businesses nationwide.

The roundtable consisted of Brian Kelly of Bulk Lift International, who was the moderator, Gary Rabine, CEO of the Rabine Group, Garrett Patten of Patten Industries, Randy Truckenbrodt of Randall Industries, Inc. and Former State Senator, Steve Rauschenberger of Rauschenberger Partners. The event began with stories of facing vague and unfair regulations experienced by the panel. The stories all illustrated how the government makes it difficult for the business executives to expand and create more jobs.

Gary Rabine told one of many regulatory situations in which the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) requires senseless and expensive processes. In the paving industry, a construction site must be deemed clean by the IEPA. This ensures that the soil is not contaminated by any chemicals. That same soil must again be tested upon leaving the site. Then it must be tested a third time when it is being dumped. This is a very redundant, costly process that prevents the expansion of construction companies.

Gary said, “Job creation always needs to be the focus of the government and businesses but now the urgency is critical. The health of our country will be the result of how well we create jobs and support business not increased taxation and regulation. It was an honor to be on this panel speaking on behalf of Patriots United and Job Creators Alliance.”

The panelists agreed that many regulations are important to pass and enforce but some are pointless, expensive and stunt the growth of the economy. Worse, is trying to follow vague regulations that even officials often cannot clarify. According to the businessmen on the panel, this leaves companies in fear of violating regulations despite efforts to follow the rules.

The event ended with a speaker from Job Creators Alliance (JCA). Bernie Marcus, founder of The Home Depot discussed his reasons for joining JCA. He said that it would be impossible for a company like The Home Depot to start off in this economy because of environmental regulations and constant lawsuits. The roundtable agrees that the government is raising the cost of doing business making businesses hesitant to expand in the dismal climate.

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