Nature’s Lawn & Garden Inc. Receives Glowing Testimonials on Its Organic Fertilizer and Other Lawn Care Products

Buffalo, NY, November 12, 2011 --( Nature’s Lawn & Garden Inc., the Buffalo, NY-based natural lawn care product company has added a testimonial section to its Web site,, to encourage those customers on the fence about organic lawn care products to give them a try.

For over 12 years, Nature’s Lawn has been producing a line of liquid organic fertilizers that offer a natural alternative to harmful pesticides and other chemicals that are used encourage lawn growth. These compounds can be extremely harmful to humans and animals.

Nature’s Lawn has expanded its product line to include tree and shrub care, liquid aeration, soil conditioning products, flower and plant care, and special non-toxic nourishment that helps homeowners grow successful fruit and vegetable gardens, giving them the opportunity to save money, and take advantage of the “locavore” method of eating. Today, many people conscious of their carbon footprint want to buy as much of their food as close to home as possible.

The testimonials Nature’s Lawn has been receiving come from customers all across the United States and Canada. Once available only in western New York State, Nature’s Lawn products are carried at retailers in both countries, and can be conveniently ordered online.

About Nature’s Lawn

Nature’s Lawn products were originally created in western New York State, but they are now sold across the United States and Canada. The natural ingredients in the products are meant to build healthier plants and soils so as to eliminate the harmful pesticides used in traditional lawn sprays to eliminate weeds and bugs. Chemical pesticides are not only harmful to the environment; they are also harmful to humans and animals. Nature’s Lawn products offer an alternative that works and is safe to be around. For more information, visit

Nature's Lawn & Garden Inc.
Stuart Franklin