Weatherford, Texas Automotive Technician Turning Wrenches on the Internet

Professional Automotive Technician is hard at work tuning up the Internet and a new website has been launched to highlight a Texas Technician.

Weatherford, TX, November 12, 2011 --( Plocar Enterprises launches a new website that will provide information and resources related to the automotive service industry and will be tailored toward helping the “do-it-yourself” car mechanics.

The goal with this website is to give visitors access to a variety of information and resources related to the "do-it-yourself" automotive diagnostics and repair. “We understand that everyday increasingly, people are going online to find information and search for answers to automotive questions, so we created this resource for them,” said the owner of the website.

The site features a design that allows for an easy way to acquire information and resources that will help in finding answers for various automotive repairs. The owner of the site also pointed out that a new article will be coming online soon that discusses the common conceptions people have with automotive repair facilities and automotive mechanics in general while offering a featured look inside the automotive repair industry. He mentioned that some of the conceptions people have are related to getting "ripped off" by these repair facilities and explains the inner workings of both the repair facilities and the mechanics within them.

For further details on finding the most relative automotive information from a seasoned professional’s point of view, it can be found online at

Plocar Enterprises delivers a website powered by a 25+ year automotive technician to be a ‘total solutions provider’ offering expert information regarding automotive repair and computer repair along with automotive aftermarket service contract consulting.

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Jennifer Plocar