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Everyone knows that skirts are a staple of any well-heeled woman's wardrobe. Yet there is no online store dedicated solely to them. That has changed with the launch of, a Los Angeles-based seller of its own line of women's skirts. Skirt Spot makes each skirt when it's ordered, and delivers worldwide.

Los Angeles, CA, April 25, 2007 --( Skirt Spot has launched, an online store dedicated completely to skirts. Based in Los Angeles and selling worldwide online, offers its own completely original designs and makes each skirt when ordered.

All Skirts, All the Time
The Skirt Spot team has over ten years of experience in the skirt business. "We looked at the dramatic growth of online shoppers and realized we could be very successful sticking to what we know best," says Craig Cochrane, founder and president. "Our designers live and breathe skirts - no shoes, tops, bags, or jewelry."

Made When You Order, Made Locally
About 18 months ago, the Skirt Spot team quietly started selling on the Internet under the name Boutique Oohlala, maintaining a lower profile as they developed their production process. "An elaborate system evolved around the skirts," says Cochrane. "Not too many retail clothing businesses cut, sew, trim, and ship their garments when the order comes in, much less within twelve days."

As a small company, Skirt Spot decided against the standard process of pre-producing overseas. By making each skirt when it's ordered, the company is able to offer a large variety of styles in many fabrics. "You'll see constant change in our styles and fabrics, mainly because fabrics come and go. It keeps things exciting for our customers and our designers to introduce new styles in the middle of a season," says Cochrane. "Some customers may purchase a skirt and find that it has only been made a handful of times, never to be made again."

All Original Designs
Skirt Spot is working with Joseph Walker, a well-established Los Angeles designer, and with other up-and-coming designers. Says Walker, "As a designer, it's very exciting to create a skirt and be able to get it directly into the hands of the customer, no matter where she is in the world. We'll often hear back from a customer about how much she loved the skirt, or how many compliments she received at work that day. As a designer, that is the greatest feeling! It reminds you of why you do what you do."

Skirt Spot
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Tina Pencil Skirt available at

Tina Pencil Skirt available at

Tina Pencil Skirt in Blue Pin Dots

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Julie Skirt - Skirt Spot

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