Announcing Awarding Ceremony of Vedic Math Competition with Math Game Tournament on November 19, 2011

100 students compete for Vedic Math Competition 2011 and all Math Monkey education centers in Hong Kong complete for Vedic Math Game Tournament on November 19, 2011.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., November 15, 2011 --( One hundred kindergarten and primary school students have joined the Vedic Math Competition 2011, an annual math competition presented by Math Monkey (Hong Kong) Limited and Vedic Math Hong Kong Association. The event will be held in HKCC West Kowloon Campus on November 19.

A new level is added for young competitors to join this year, which is the level for Green Monkey and Lemur students. This competition will have a total of 4 levels, including level 1 (K3 to P1), level 2 (P2 to P3), level 3 (P4 – P5), and level 4 (P6). Competitors will be awarded according to their marks: First Class Award, Second Class Award, and Third Class Award. One Champion from each level will be awarded a medal and a cup.

“We know that the most effective ways to learn mathematics is playing. By engaging students through the use of game-based lesson, we are able to introduce challenging materials to our children and help them build mental agility and concentration skills. That is why we will have a Vedic Math Game Tournament to all Math Monkey education centers in Hong Kong. Students come from each of the Math Monkey education centers and will form a team and complete the Vedic Math Game with other Math Monkey education centers. Parents will see how we are using game to make kids to do math fast and finally love math,” said Karen Kwan, General Manager of Math Monkey (Hong Kong) Limited.

The Vedic Math Game Tournament and the Awarding Ceremony of Vedic Math Competition will start after the grading of the competition papers. Only one Math Monkey education center will win the Vedic Math Game Tournament and participants of this center will be awarded certificates and a cup for the center. They have also invited a guest speaker, Ms Anita Chow, who shares on "How to start the potential of the brain and creative thinking?" To get more details about Vedic Math Competition 2011 or Awarding Ceremony can be found at

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