Infantellina Contemporary Introduce "Dreaming of Lucidity" Art Exhibition, Venice (Italy)

"Dreaming of Lucidity" ("Sognando la Lucidità") Solo exhibitions:- Domino- Concetta de Pasquale- Reinhard Gaede- Peter Hide - Valeria Perversi Rabbordi - Daniela Rosignoli- Willi Bambach; Special guest: Enrico Manera Group exhibition (Mostra collettiva): Giancarlo Amurri,Alfredo Di Bacco, Vincenzo Baldini, Daniele Cazzato, Gladys Colmenares, Claudia Hengevoss, Rosi Longhi de Bouard, Hedy Maimann, Jorge Selfa, Elena Buscemi, Daniele Manfredini, Tomoko Kato, Giancarlo Marcali.

Venice, Italy, November 14, 2011 --( "Dreaming of Lucidity"

03th 12.2011 – 14th 01.2012

Infantellina Contemporary by Palazzo Zenobio ,Dorsoduro 2596 – 20123 Venice (Italy)

Introduction by P. Charlotte Stein Infantellina

The human being, since the dawn of time, was fascinated by the magic and strangeness that resides in dreams. Whole treatises have been written about the dream and its motivations, sources and consequences analizing the topic from the most different points of view. Special studies have been conducted since the 60s by looking at specific dreams of examined groups including some subjects with special peculiarities: in addition to dreams in color and sharpness they unexpectedly remembered their dreams, claimed to drive the characters of their personages and deciding the screenplay and the choreography, practically they were the directors of their own dreams. It was observed that this capability had multiple purposes and effects, the characters of lucid dreams had the temperaments, the forms and the voices that oneironauts decided to award to them, as well as they determined what the scenarios and the scripts are supposed to be. They were the pilots who decided, at their own will and by lucid dreaming, whether the characteristics had to match with reality or if new parameters had to be given by applying transformations that finally produced a sort of "fantasy" (film), thus they could had achieved their wishes and at the same time been fully aware of the own creative act.

The lucid dream is particularly strong thanks to the fact that, compared to the few canonical minutes of standard dreams, they can be prolonged and that the scan time is more or less equivalent to the real time. In the western hemisphere many have dissertated about "lucid dreams" including Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas and Friedrich Nietzsche, compared to the eastern approach where lucid dreaming is deeply rooted in ancient times. So it can be interesting for the audience to check out for more, as lucid dreaming can be induced through training in order to develop a capacity that for some is innate.

Of course Art is the supreme instrument that allows to shape the reality or to talk about it, always based on the interpretation and technique of each single artist. The artists are the creators and makers of visions more or less conventional, more or less suited to the objective reality. They develop a whole idea or a concept deciding the roles and the positions and the times through the use of colors, materials, techniques. The aims of the artists are the most different ones. Some may be: to communicate emotionally and so avoiding accidentally unintended sophisms stemming from the use of words; to outsource their intimate peculiarities and hidden desires; to bring up a memory defining new paths and by that altering the experiences of reality. Basically, artists want to share their beliefs, their point of view and thoughts that were lived, to share the passions and perplexities, report their own or induced experiences, to be and imagine that others can be not only pawns but leading actors.

What is the artist if not the oneironaut that not only looks, lives, develops, produces but exists in order to communicate with the public by metabolizing too what comes back from the interaction with the spectator itself, gently dwelling in front of or being attracted by the artwork, expressing own thoughts and subjective emotions.

The title "Dreaming of Lucidity" wants to be a stimulation to the audience, led by the qualities of those individual artworks. The selection of the artists followed a specific thread by extrapolating from the single individual personality the various references and still-image-experiences. The origin, extraction, life of each participant is very different from each other and provides an emotional spectrum of arguments and aesthetic interpretations.

P. Charlotte Stein Infantellina (Curator)

Organization and Pr: Infantellina Contemporary Berlin

"Dreaming of Lucidity" ("Sognando la Lucidità")

Solo exhibitions (Mostre personali)

- Domino
- Concetta de Pasquale
- Reinhard Gaede
- Peter Hide
- Valeria Perversi Rabbordi
- Daniela Rosignoli
- Willi Bambach

Special guest: Enrico Manera

Group exhibition (Mostra collettiva):

Giancarlo Amurri,Alfredo Di Bacco, Vincenzo Baldini, Daniele Cazzato, Gladys Colmenares, Claudia Hengevoss, Rosi Longhi de Bouard, Hedy Maimann, Jorge Selfa

Elena Buscemi, Daniele Manfredini

Tomoko Kato, Giancarlo Marcali, Francesca Romano, Dominik Stahlberg

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