X-Treme XB-420M Three Wheel Electric Scooter

The X-Treme XB-420M from X-Treme Scooters is the latest three wheel electric mobility scooter added to UrbanScooters.com inventory.

South Pasadena, CA, November 15, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The X-Treme XB-420M three wheel electric scooter is the latest product added to UrbanScooters.com's line up of electric bikes and scooters. The XB-420M is unique in many ways, but its most impressive feature is speed. It's able to reach speeds of up to 15mph which is faster than any other three wheel mobility scooter on the market. Typically, mobility scooters in this price range are pretty simple and slow paced, but the XB-420M, on the other hand, is not only fast, but comes with an assortment of helpful features, like; key ignition, front and rear view mirrors, a folding cushioned seat with arm rests, reverse speed, horn, headlight, front and rear turn signals, speedometer, max speed limiter, brake lights, a cargo basket, lifetime technical support and more.

The XB-420M offers a stable, smooth ride with a high degree of comfort at speeds of up to 15 mph. In fact, the seat looks more like a comfortable “Captains Chair” and the armrests not only provide ample arm support, but allow an older rider additional balance and ease of mind. According to UrbanScooters.com President, Frank Minero, "Comfort and speed are the two biggest compliments we've been hearing from customers about this model."

The frame is built from a high tensile strength steel, so the XB-420M is solid enough to support riders of various sizes and weights comfortably. The rider will find solid, drum brakes in the rear of this electric mobility scooter that offer superior stopping power allowing for quick stops. A 500 watt motor is found "under the hood" that gives this scooter its power. Another unique feature of the XB420M is that the motor can power the scooter in both a forward and reverse direction. Reverse drive isn't standard on all electric scooters, so it's a nice feature to have. Four 12 volt sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries provide the power needed to take this unit up to 20 miles on a charge. Twenty miles will last a rider over an hour at top speed, but most people don't run the scooter at full throttle all the time, so actual ride time is much longer.

As with most mobility scooters, the speed can be set by the rider. A variable speed twist throttle allows the operator to twist to increase or decrease speed. The XB-420M can be operated at full throttle, limited throttle or anywhere in between. Charge time on this scooter is the standard, 4 - 8 hours and the amount of time depends on the current level of charge in the battery.

X-Treme's XB-420M three wheel electric scooter is enjoyed by seniors, adults and even teens. Senior riders like the three wheel design and the stability it provides, while younger riders love the faster speed.

For additional information about this product, visit; http://urbanscooters.com/cgi-bin/urbanscooters/XB-420M.html

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