THE SILVER LINING to Launch at Artspace Warehouse

New art exhibition THE SILVER LINING opens November 16th with an artist reception 7-9pm. Three new artists to lead the latest show at Los Angeles art gallery Artspace Warehouse: US artists Mark Acetelli, Kerianne Connor and Robert Lebsack.

Los Angeles, CA, November 16, 2011 --( New artworks of artists whose works incorporate shades of silver and gray are the center of the new show THE SILVER LINING opening November 16 with an artist reception 7-9pm.

Revered American artist Mark Acetelli, composite LA-based artist Kerianne Connor and newspaper-inspired artist Robert Lebsack are leading the show, exhibiting at Artspace Warehouse for the first time. Much anticipated new works by Berlin artist Kati Elm, Los Angeles pop artist Courtney Raney and LA urban artist Ashleigh Sumner will be additional important components of the show.

Mark Acetelli was born in Detroit, Michigan, lived in Los Angeles and now in Memphis. Mark’s artworks are inspired by the intensely personal introspective journey of life, from the ever changing complexities of love, loss, birth and death. His artworks are a product of continuously building up and tearing down, layer upon layer, adding and subtracting. A visceral dance between the conscious and the unconscious until the emotion is expressed.

Kerianne Connor’s work combines sculpture, painting, and design blurring the traditional strict separation between the genres of Design and Fine Art.

Robert Lebsack’s work focuses on social and cultural issues using torn newspapers as context. By utilizing bits and pieces of headlines, articles and ads as the background the viewer can use their own interpretation and random image word association to bring meaning to each individual piece.

Kati Elm playfully, and with carefree abandon, creates her artworks by using different sources and the combinations of tradition and the current zeitgeist. The result of these components is a striking, timeless imagery which is designed to provide the viewer stimulation, expansion, as well as intense amusement.

Courtney Raney's work has been described as a marriage between colorful organic life and achromatic metropolitanism, things commonly seen through the combination of her urban and rural upbringing.

Influenced and inspired by the social, physical, and artistic environment of California, Ashleigh Sumner incorporates steel sheets that add interest and depth to her thought provoking artworks.

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