ThatsIt! Or is It Just the Beginning?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, November 17, 2011 --( About two years ago, with a challenging slogan of "Some boundaries are meant to be broken" Niket Parekh and Kate Dombroski founded ThatsIt and vowed to take the company to the apex of online excellence. Armed with extensive global advertising and online knowledge the pair pledged to provide the world with complete online solutions and Cloud based IT solutions, needless to say the company has risen like a breath of fresh air setting new trends in the world of online solutions and research.

Coming from two different backgrounds and entirely contrasting societies, Niket Parekh (from India) and Kate Dombroski (from New Zealand) have successfully endeavored to take ThatsIt to a point where no other company could have reached in such a short span of two years. Dombroski believes that ThatsIt’s success can be contributed to the company’s business philosophy; it is and has always been "To build brands and online solutions through not only our expertise and knowledge, but most of all through the passion, belief and creativity we engender. This passion and creativity can be felt and seen throughout every level of our organization – from what we do, to the way we do things. As a result, our passion and creativity moves products and services to market, ultimately moving companies themselves closer to achieving their employer, consumer and corporate goals."

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, ThatsIt is and continues to endeavor to be a truly global company that delivers interactive services, creative platforms, web-based applications and social media. Further salient features offered include, competitive analysis, persona development, website analytics, advertising, web designing and development, search engine optimization and project planning and management. Parekh adds, “By offering a 360 approach to online solutions, ThatsIt serves as the ultimate one stop shop. We build digital solutions that not only deliver fruitful results for our valued clients but solutions that strive to change the way people think, the way they act, what they buy and even the way they live.”

Needless to say, the online presence needs of clients are entertained and fulfilled at ThatsIt with a minimum of trouble and maximum of polished convenience including professional design, SEO integrated website copy, programming, advertising creative and so much more. Moreover, “ThatsIt also offers and integrates Cloud based IT solutions for all our clients. When it comes to IT, we make sure that we provide clients with reliable, secure, cost effective and technologically current solutions that help them to succeed and achieve their goals. This way, our clients can feel free to imagine a life without servers to buy, maintain and upgrade and without all the troubles ordinarily associated with IT system,” adds Parekh.

Now, if you are beginning to think that ThatsIt only caters to clientele - think again! ThatsIt has already expanded its very own portfolio by developing a fast new way of searching online - a product called, ‘Snap’ and two innovative websites and launching soon

A search for the future...In a quest of further advancement and innovation, ThatsIt has recently launched an exciting search engine product called Snap, this product has been integrated into all existing and new sites developed by ThatsIt. Though in the testing stages right now, Parekh believes that "Snap will be a giant evolution towards changing the way users search and view information on websites." Similar to the search engine Google, Snap has made the online searching process within websites super fast and even more convenient. is a creative archive and networking tool for not only those in the communication industry, but every creative person. The website was launched in February, 2011 with a simple goal; “to showcase creativity and creative talents (both professional and amateur) from around the world. Not only can you showcase your skills and talent by uploading your work for free but you can also use it as a reference / research tool,” said Dombroski.

So, you may ask; what’s next for ThatsIt? “Well, we are just getting started! We currently have several other ‘big online projects’ in the pipeline, what you see now is just the tip of the iceberg. But you can be sure that no matter what, passion and creativity defines us and continues to shape our journey with our own and client’s brands, online solutions and advertising communication,” adds Dombroski.

In a nutshell, ThatsIt to its credit has accomplished so much in such a short time span. It is almost certain that this success can be contributed to the company’s founders who are perfectionist at heart and creative by nature. Parekh and Dombroski adhere to the fact that it’s not only innovative business ideas that bring quality brands to life, but action, passion, and most of all hard work! This bold thinking mindset and entrepreneurial style is one of the secrets behind the company’s sheer success. With imagination, strategy and action, digital experiences are created at ThatsIt, which excite, inspire, engage, motivate and thus facilitate valued users!

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