iFabbo Partners with CMP.LY for Transparent Social Media Campaigns

CMP.LY Becomes Official Disclosure Solution for International Beauty, Fashion and Style Blogger Organization

San Francisco, CA, November 17, 2011 --(PR.com)-- iFabbo, an international organization for beauty, fashion and style bloggers, today announced a partnership with CMP.LY, the leading solution for social media compliance and disclosure. This collaboration will allow member bloggers to be transparent when it comes to their social media campaigns, as well as ensure that they are up-to-date with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines. By using CMP.LY, iFabbo bloggers will have a simple way to be able to create and manage disclosures on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs and other digital media channels.

The partnership will address FTC requirements placed on bloggers and advertisers and will educate them on how to better understand what is expected of them and their social media campaigns. iFabbo bloggers will receive training and education through a series of webinars on FTC guidelines and how to use CMP.LY standardized disclosure methods to address these guidelines in their individual posts.

“Our members constantly ask us questions about holding contests or giveaways on their blogs," said Sinead Norenius, Co-Founder of iFabbo. “Their main concern is usually if they are disclosing enough information based on the FTC guidelines. By joining forces with CMP.LY, we are now able to better serve our members with simple solutions and clear guidance so that they, in turn, can focus on their content and be more transparent with their readers."

CMP.LY strives to give bloggers, brands and other digital influencers the tools they need to manage, measure and monitor social media campaigns. CMP.LY has developed a patent-pending framework based on easily identifiable icons and URLs that embed necessary disclosures in every communication. On the back-end, CMP.LY's tools also offer valuable metrics to track the effectiveness of campaigns in addition to providing a useful audit trail.

“It is very important that advertisers and bloggers standardize their disclosures, especially since fashion and beauty bloggers are routinely reviewing products, receiving samples or gifts and holding various contests and giveaways,” said Tom Chernaik, CEO of CMP.LY. “With this partnership with iFabbo, we know that iFabbo bloggers will get beyond the use of ad hoc disclosure and compliance solutions when working independently or in conjunction with an advertiser program to foster a more honest dialogue throughout the industry. In addition, we know that the data CMP.LY generates will empower bloggers by demonstrating to clients and other stakeholders the value of their efforts."

To find out how CMP.LY can enhance your social media campaigns, visit: http://CMP.LY

Raves for CMP.LY:

“Where there's a challenge, there's probably a tech startup. Enter CMP.LY, which aims to make compliance simple for the Twitter and Foursquare users of the world.”

-CNN Money

“It’s quick and easy, and you can even do it on micro-blogging services such as Twitter.”


About CMP.LY
CMP.LY is the leading solution for social media compliance and disclosure. CMP.LY empowers companies to create, document, measure and monitor disclosures on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, and other digital media channels. CMP.LY provides the first commercial platform to address disclosure requirements in social media channels and has been powering social disclosures for leading advertisers and agencies since 2009. The company has developed a patent-pending framework based on easily identifiable icons and URLs that embed necessary disclosures in every communication. CMP.LY also offers solutions for financial services, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, rules and promotions, agencies and affiliate marketers. CMP.LY helps companies address social media disclosure and compliance requirements across various regulatory agencies, including FTC, SEC, FINRA, FDA, OFT, and ASA. For more information, visit: http://CMP.LY.

About iFabbo
iFabbo (International Organization for Fashion, Beauty & Style Bloggers) founded in 2010, helps unite the leaders in the fashion and beauty profession to promote individual and professional growth. iFabbo provides a platform for education, support and resources so all members remain informed and build their own credibility within the blogosphere. The organization also introduces fashion and beauty brands to top bloggers in the industry along with online influencers and provides education on how to act and interact on the blogosphere and with bloggers. For more information, visit www.ifabbo.com.

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