BASE Provides a’ La Carte Employee Benefit Plan

BASE 125 Cafeteria Plan Provides Menu of Options for Healthcare Savings for Both the Employer & Employee

Adel, IA, November 17, 2011 --( The BASE 125 Cafeteria Plan, in essence, provides menu options for how an employee receives his/her compensation and handles paying for healthcare expenses. Employers that sponsor a BASE 125 Cafeteria Plan can allow employees who are paying medical expenses, insurance premiums or dependent care expenses to do so on a pre-tax basis. Employers have the ability to customize benefits and save money, while employees save on healthcare expenses and increase spendable income.

BASE has developed four different plan options to cover up today’s healthcare strains and compliment any employee benefit program. These options offer tax saving benefits to both the employer as well as the employee. There are four different menu options available through the BASE 125 Cafeteria Plan.

Like ordering a’ la carte, you can pick and choose what you want from the following plan options:

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) – established by an employer to allow employees to set aside money from each paycheck on a pre-tax basis. The money can then be reimbursed on a tax-free basis to pay for qualifying medical expenses.

Dependent Care Assistance Plan (DCAP) – also known as a Dependent Care FSA, is an account established by an employer to allow employees to set aside money from each paycheck on a pre-tax basis to pay for qualifying dependent care expenses.

Premium Only Plan (POP) – is available to pay for eligible employee-paid premiums through payroll deduction on a pre-tax basis. This plan is the optimal solution for employers who want to provide employees with an affordable way to pay for their group health plans or list billed supplemental plans.

Health Care Premium Reimbursement (HCPR) – is available to an employee if they pay for an individually owned health insurance policy. With HCPR, employees can have the cost of individually owned healthcare premiums or supplemental plans deducted from their paycheck on a pre-tax basis. HCPR is designed as an alternative benefit to group coverage.

The BASE 125 Cafeteria Plan allows employers to customize benefits and save money. “One employer has saved 7.65% (payroll taxes) on every dollar that just one employee has elected through the 125 Cafeteria plan. So if you imagine an employee electing a total of $56,000 to be pre-taxed over five years, the employer would save $4284,” said BASE Account Manager, Joe Havenhill. A 125 Cafeteria Plan can create sizable savings for both the employer and employee. Contact BASE at 1-800-309-8012 or visit to learn more today!

Anne Case