Hospitals in Emerging Markets

Hospitals in Emerging Markets is 4th in PHM Brief in Global Explosion in Emerging Markets Healthcare series.

Orlando, FL, November 16, 2011 --( PHM International, Inc. a global healthcare consultancy and publisher of the PHM Emerging Markets Healthcare Monitor, announces the publication of the fourth PHM Brief “Hospitals in Emerging Markets.”

The series is a collection of observations and commentaries on the dynamic developments in the world’s emerging and frontier markets. All the PHM Briefs in the series are written for investors, healthcare CEOs, project developers, and product managers.

“Hospitals in Emerging Markets,” available in e-format at, explores some of the challenges and opportunities of working in emerging markets.

“This is a particularly challenging sector, overflowing with politics, global trade, and geopolitics like few other sectors,” stated Hank Kearney, author of the PHM Brief series and President of PHM International.

“One only needs to understand how a hospital in the CEE can stay open with an average of five patients a day to see how difficult the business, and competition can be,” Kearney continued.

Some of the hospital companies, funds, and countries mentioned in this PHM Brief include the American Medical Center in Kiev, the Healthcare City in Dubai, KPJ Healthcare and Colombia Asia in Malaysia, Aureos Capital, Bulgaria, China, and much more.

“These briefs are purposely concise and free thinking about the healthcare sector,” Kearney noted. “Our clients can easily obtain the metrics they need. What they’ve told us is missing is the unique, experienced observations we bring to the decision matrix.”

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